Sunday, June 28, 2009

Not too exciting

Hello:) I havent written in a couple of days because there has really not been a lot going on. We are getting our house more and more set up. We cleaned out the bedroom last night that they put everything in when they moved our things here. We sorted it into bins and put it up into the attic. While we were doing this, Gregg was up in the attic and I was handing him a large suitcase. I stepped on a metal curtain rod (those cheap ones that run through your curtain and hook to the wall) and cut my foot pretty bad. It hurt so badly but I didnt want to go get stitches because I thought that since I was pregnant they couldnt do anything to numb the pain. So we went and got our own at home remedies and today we went to the emergency room just to make sure it wasnt infected and was healing okay. The doctor said it was healing good and that I needed a tetnus shot. He said it was a class C risk because its not proven to hurt the baby and they are not sure that it wont. He said he thought he would tell me the risks. I opted against the shot and am hoping and praying I didnt get tetnus. I dont think I did because it wasnt rusty but we will see. So I have been limping around all day and Gregg has been really sweet and is getting me everything I need. But other than that eventful event, not much has been going on. I start work tomorrow and am really excited about that. I even had to be sworn in the other day! That was an experience because I have never done that before but it was cool. I felt important. Oh and this is off the subject but do you know whats funny? We are celebrating the 4th of July on Saturday...from who? Lol we are in England and we are celebrating our freedom from the British! I find that commical. We are having friends over and are cooking out. I told my friend that we were cooking steaks for all of the adults and that for her child we would cook a hotdog and she said that her daughter loves steak. So I guess we are going to be making another steak for a 4 year old! I am sure her dad will eat whats left over. On saturday we are going to a DIY store and we are getting curtains and wardrobes and stuff for Gregg to work on the backyard with. He has a plan to make the back yard really pretty so I am justgoing to sit back and let him do it. There are worms and bugs outside so I will sit inside and hang curtains. But anyways, when we do something of some importance, I will let you know. Bye!

Tuesday, June 23, 2009


Hello! After a dreadful night I am thankfully still alive. Lol. When I was cleaning up and doing some laundry yesterday, I picked my sweatshirt up off the ground and a scary spider fell off of it. I panicked and couldnt kill it because it was scary so I put a jar over it and waited until Gregg got home. Sometimes in our old house he would come home and see several cups all over the floor. He knew what he had to do. I looked at it through the jar and realized that it probably was not a good spider. Gregg looked at it and told me it was a Brown Recluse spider. Those are the spiders that bite you and your flesh rots. SOOO...I was terrified. I wore shoes around the house all day and inspected my bed for a good 30 minutes before I would lay down in it. I fell asleep initially but that didnt last long. I had several bad dreams about the spider and everytime I woke up, I of course had to do an all out spider inspection. I wanted to turn on the lights but I figured that would wake Gregg up so instead I just shook the covers violently. He woke up. He didnt get much sleep last night. He was a little upset. I did spider checks all night long and then when it was almost time to wake up he got cold and realized our big comfortor had fallen on the floor. He decided to pick it up and put it back on the bed. I freaked out and threw the blanket back on the floor. After all, we did find that nasty spider on our bedroom floor! I couldnt take the chance that there would be one on the blanket. Gregg went to get the blanket again and I knocked it down. Eventually, I decided to get out of bed because he insisted on being warm. So from 4:30 this morning until 6:00 A.M. I just sat around and waited for him to wake up. Then I took that big blanket off the bed, did a spider check and fell asleep for several more hours. Poor Gregg.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Mmmm...mmmm....yum, yum, yum!

Hello! I have had a good relaxing weekend. We were lazy most of the weekend and didnt do a whole lot. I read through a Mary Higgins Clark novel and am already almost done with my second one. When I start reading, I cant stop. Gregg also introduced me to the game Risk and I beat everyone. He gave me a little guidance but he died quickly and I was able to finish off the rest of the players. Its a fun game. Today is father's day as you all know! Gregg is the father of an unborn child so this is the first father's day we celebrated. He got a grill he had been wanting (and I had been wanting) and we got some really good top sirloin steaks that he grilled masterfully. Those steaks were REALLY thick so its tricky to get them done and not burn them at the same time. He did a wonderful job. The steaks were heavy so we had salads with them and rolls. It was a meal that made both of us say, "Mmm...mmm...yum,yum,yum". We also had red bull energy drinks for our drinks which made the meal that much better. I know caffeine is not the greatest when you are pregnant but I read I am allowed 250mg of caffeine a day and it was only like 60 for the drink. I didnt feel too guilty because that is the only caffeine I have had today. So we had a great weekend and a wonderful meal. We are hooked on grilling now. We have already talked about other things we want to grill. Here is a recipe for a Grilled Hawaiian Chicken Sandwich that I found and we are going to try later this week. Here is the link to the recipe on the It looks really tasty and we are grilling people now so we are going to grill like crazy! Does anyone have any ideas for a good chicken marinade? We are grilling chicken tomorrow night and I am wanting a good yummy idea for a marinade. Let me know! I am going to go now but I will talk to you soon:) Bye!

Friday, June 19, 2009

I saw our baby!

Hello! I am going to add pictures when I get on my own computer but I got to see our baby today. It was absolutely adorable and had a very healthy, strong heartbeat. When we first saw it, it was starting to kick one of its legs and then a couple of seconds later it started jabbing both arms and legs. It looked like it was dancing! I wanted to sit there and watch it all day long. Gregg was absolutely mesmerized. He didn't take his eyes off the screen or even blink. The heartbeat was really fast so I am thinking that if the old wives tale is true, it is a girl. I could be completely wrong but that is my gut feeling. I loved our baby before the ultrasound but after I SAW it moving and kicking, I just wanted to love and protect it. I cant wait to find out the gender but for now its just our little dancer! Look for pictures soon:)

Thursday, June 18, 2009

One big reason America is so great

I love America. I love it here also but I really love my home country. I am a visitor here and I am enjoying every bit of it but I intend on going back to the States when my husband has served his time here. I was thinking today about one big reason America is wonderful. WALMART. Here is a conversation I once heard between two men in America.

Man #1: "So did you come here also so you could dream big and get rich"?

Man #2: "No, I came because I love Walmart".

TRUE STORY. I really heard two men having that conversation. Actually I really made the conversation up in my head this morning but I think it probably has happened. I want you to savor what you have if you are in the States because here there is not anything comparable to Walmart. Walmart is amazing and I hope you think of me when you go next time. Think about how lucky you are. Buy some stuff and think about loving America. Come to England on vacation but then go home and go to Walmart. Its beautiful here and I love it but I also love Walmart. I know this whole post is a bit silly but it really is true. I guess the old saying is don't truly know what you have until its gone. I will just have to go to Paris and do some shopping and cry under the Eiffel Tower...poor me right?

Lots of home cooking

HELLO! I am absolutely loving loving loving cooking at home! I don't care if its just macaroni and cheese for dinner...ITS AT MY HOME! We don't want to see fast food ever again at this point so we have been eating at home for every meal and saving soo much money. Last night we had a really good meal. Its not a hard meal by any means but its really good. I got boneless, skinless chicken breasts, Montreal Chicken Seasoning and peppers (green, red and yellow). I put a little olive oil in a pan and sprinkled some of the seasoning. Then I just cut up the peppers and surrounded the chicken with the peppers. You just put it in the oven and when its ready, the peppers are caramelized and you put them on top of the meat. Its really good and it looks pretty too! I might be easily amused but I must have green, red and yellow peppers even though they all taste the same! Then I made mashed potatoes with my Kitchen Aid mixer and got the potatoes really CREAMY and added lots of sour cream and butter. After doing this I added shredded cheese and bacon bits. I usually add green onions too but I didn't get any this time. Then you just put this mixture in the oven and it keeps it warm and tasty while your chicken or the rest of your meal is finishing cooking. It was really good. It is very simple and anyone can make it but it WAS really good. Then today for lunch Gregg came home and I made him a really good sandwich. I buttered and seasoned Texas toast and broiled it in the oven while I cut up chicken breast. I put the chicken breast on the stove and add seasoning. It will get slightly brown and then I just put the sandwich together. A little lettuce, mayo, bacon, cheese and tomatoes made it a really good sandwich. Gregg said, "man I didn't know that the best sandwich in the world was made in my kitchen". I blushed a little but I must admit it was darn good. SO as you can see, I love making things at home. I am not a great cook but I love making food. Anyways, I am also excited because I have my first doctor's appointment tomorrow where I get to hear the baby's heartbeat! And the military lets Gregg come to each of my appointments so he gets to come with me. I am happy and I will have to let you know if its a fast or a slow heartbeat. My mom said that all of her girls had fast heart beats and her one boy had a slower heart beat. I hope its fast because I really want a little girl but I hope the doctor says, "Oh you have such a calm little baby. Its going to be an absolute angel...very laid back and calm". I can somehow picture getting the same results as a friend of mine, Alyssa did. She said her baby was moving at the speed of light and her doctor told her she had a very active baby. If he says that, I am going to scream because then I will know that I am having a little ME! I was a rascal as a baby and little kid so I want a little Gregg. He was an angel and always did what he was supposed to. Pray for me. Well, I am going to go but I will have to tell you what I find out! I really only pray that my baby is healthy:)

A Good Story

Hello! I thought I would share a story that Gregg (my husband) told me happened at his work. He brings a little pocket sized Bible with him in his work pants every day and if he has time to sit around in the day, he reads it. Well one day last week he had just got done reading and his commander called him into his office. You normally assume you are in trouble if he calls you into his office because he is very busy and wont call you in to his office just to chat. Also, he is very high ranking and doesn't like to waste time. Anyways, so Gregg was wondering the whole way to his office what he could have possibly done wrong already. Once in his office, his commander pulled a little book out of his pocket and said, "I've got one too and I read it every day". Gregg was shocked at first that he was not in trouble but soon realized it was a Bible he was holding. His commander then said, "Don't give up". And Gregg replied, "Oh, I wont Sir". I thought this was such a good story. It is definitely an encouraging story for me because when I start working I hope I can be a good example also and cause others to give God the glory for my good example.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

I am still here!

Hello! You may be thinking that I have died or fallen off the face of the earth but I am still here! I did not die and I feel a bit like I have fallen off the face of the earth to a strange land but I am still here. Good news huh? The last couple of days have been crazy. Yesterday we had to stay at the house from 8-5 to wait for our shipment of household goods which was super fun because we got to stare at blank walls for 9 hours. Normally you would think that they would be there somewhere between 8-5 but they didn't get there until nearly five 0' clock. I was the most excited to see my couch. I was so excited that I felt like running and jumping on it before they had even put it down. I am sure that would have gone down well. We were told by some people at church who moved over here a couple of years ago that the moving people are supposed to actually unpack all of your things and take the boxes away. The moving guys probably saw two young looking, naive kids and thought, "lets just go and leave all the boxes here". Well they were not going to pull it past us! We asked them if they were taking the boxes as they started to leave. One of them politely agreed and said he would unpack our things and the other literally threw a fit. He just upset and started violently taking my things out of the boxes. I kept this in the back of my mind and at the end when they were about to leave I asked the man who was nice what his name was so we could give our compliments to his company. I think this scared the other one because he started really acting nice to Gregg and I. Also, Gregg said that it asked on the questionnaire at the end if we refused the unpacking of our things and decided to keep the boxes, which shows that they are supposed to offer...not throw fits. I just watched him the whole time waiting for him to break something out of his anger for having to do his job. He didn't but I would have seen it if he had. SOOO...after that long story I can happily say that my things are all here! YAY! We have been sitting on our couch an awful lot. Also, I was able to really sleep through the night for the first time on our real bed because it was so comfortable. I could not sleep on that air mattress so it felt nice last night. OH and it was funny because literally right after we unpacked the dishes, I put them away and washed the ones we needed for dinner. I got right to work making spaghetti with bow tie favorite! We also had garlic bread and it was just what I have been craving! Oh my goodness it was amazing! I was starving already and it looked so good that my eyes were a little bigger than my stomach and I took a lot on my plate. Once at the table I had taken three bites and I was on my way to getting full. I ended up eating about a tenth of what was on my plate lol. But it was really good and I was definitely satisfied. On Sunday, I had gone and gotten groceries and we don't plan on eating out at all for the rest of our lives if we don't have to. So, my house is mostly set up but I cant put any of my decorations up yet because we haven't gotten nails and also they are still coming to paint our walls so we want to wait. I cant wait to have everything JUST where I want it:) When they brought all of our things in I started to feel overwhelmed and I just sat on the couch and didn't want to do anything. When things are crazy messy like they were, with everything everywhere, I literally cant handle it. I am impatient and Gregg knows that so he came and told me that it was going to be okay but that it wouldn't be where it needs to be and we would never get done unless I start somewhere. He got busy to work and ended up doing most everything because he saw the light at the end of the tunnel. Well after all the craziness, I do have my house in order and it does feel like home. I also had my interview the other day for my job at the Child Development Center and I feel it went really well. I had to observe one of the rooms for an hour before my actual interview and I don't think I have smelt so many dirty diapers in my whole life. I came to terms while in that room that those smells would be my fate for the next 7 months or so and then even longer after that because soon it will be my baby! I love working with kids though and I guess there is some dirty work in every job. Well that is a summary of my last couple of days! I will be back with more updates and news later!
P.S. I talked to a girl at church who knows where a Cath Kidston store is in London. I told her she must take me.

Friday, June 12, 2009

The hardest thing for a girl about moving

Okay so any girls who are reading probably know that the hardest thing about moving is giving up your best friend (your hair stylist of course). I didn't say this on the first post but one of the main reasons I was crying so hard on the first day was because I didn't know where I was going to get my hair cut. I was really attached to the lady who did it back home. I don't know what it is about getting your hair cut by someone you trust but you just seem to be able to tell them your whole life story in the time you are in the chair. They know your hair, so that automatically makes you best friends. The trust it takes to let someone alter your hair is one of the greatest bonds you can have on earth. Anyways, so moving was tough for me because I was leaving my hair stylist. BUT yesterday I saw a lady when I was going into the BX on base and she had my EXACT SAME HAIR CUT! I was like oh my goodness, "chase her"! I tried to get out of my car fast but she was walking so quickly I didn't think I would catch up. I thought about giving up after I had said, "ma'am" twice very loudly. I didn't give up. Finally I caught up with her and I got her attention. I said, "I just moved here and I don't know where to get my hair cut. I saw your hair though and its cut like mine so where do you get yours cut"? She wasn't scared of me at all and she told me that she gets it cut at the salon on base! SHE TOLD ME HER SECRET. I said thank you and made a beeline for the BX which is the holder of the salon she was talking about. I asked for the person she had told me about and got an appointment for a color on Tuesday and and cut like a week from now! I really like it here. It feels like home suddenly. I will have to let you know how the cut turns out...but I have a feeling it will be POSH. I honestly don't know if I said that word in the right context but I heard a lady say that the other day on the radio about her fake eyelashes. It could mean any number of things so if you know what it means, please let me know because i really like that word. ANYWAYS...My stuff is being delivered on Monday and we are going to Cambridge tomorrow. I have heard its really nice so I will let you know what I see:) Bye! Cheers! Posh!

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Just wait...

Hello again. I just posted but I wanted a quick separate post to tell you all something. Right now at this moment I am kind of scared and intimidated by this new strange land but I am becoming a little more adventurous. You get to see me from my initial feelings here and I am letting everyone know about every little thing that happens because if any of you are moving to another country, its a big deal and if you know what to expect it may be a little easier. But my point is that you should expect fun adventures in the near future. We do want to visit Wales in the next couple of months. I think to the border its like 4 hours away. We are going to save any excess gas money and put it into a travel fund. I also want to find a Cath Kidston store so if any of you reading know where the closest one to Mildenhall is, I would love to know! Also, we are going to Cambridge on Saturday and I have heard that there is a Chili's there (YAY AMERICAN FOOD) so we are definitely going to be eating there. I have heard Cambridge is a great place to visit. I am trying to do my best to inform you of the ups and downs there are to moving to a completely different place. There are some downs but there are so many ups. I hope you all enjoy!

My stuff is here!!!!!!

Well hello! I am super excited today because I found out my things are here! ITS ALL HERE! Its hilarious because we got notice that my large shipment was here first and then they told me a day later that everything else is here. The stuff that came first should have not come for another month and the things that came after should have been here a week ago...crazy stuff! I wont question it though because I am just glad my things are all here. I am dreaming of my house being all cute and homey. I dream of candles all over my house (because candles are homey) and I dream of Gregg coming home from work and me having my cute apron on and a nice HOMEMADE meal ready on the table! You have no idea how much I am craving homemade food. I salivate every time I think about making food. My sister Kristin and my brother in law Kevin have weekly Bible studies at their house which we are planning on starting here as well. Every week Kristin had an assortment of scrumptious goodies and I have already started to picture the things that I want to make (OH and by the way, Kristin can you tell me how you made those little cheesecakes?). This was a really good pick-me-up to find out my things are here because I was really getting down before that. I haven't posted in the last couple of days, not because I have been really busy or anything but because I have had nothing to write about. I was really sad yesterday and had a little breakdown because I was home alone all day and my house is completely empty. I love my house but it really doesn't feel like mine until MY things are in it. I am ready to start having people over and cooking for my husband and myself. I am ready for my yard to be mowed also. We are going to buy a mower but for the first time the neighbor said he would mow it. I also picture vases with flowers in them in the tall windows on each side of the entry door. OHHH I want to make it mine so bad! I will have to put pictures up when I finally get to decorate everything. Also, I am still waiting to see whether or not I have a job at the Child Development Center or not. I called them and they said that they had not received my application yet but I made sure to tell them that I was really interested in a job and that I have background experience that would make me a great worker. I pretty much sold myself to whoever was on the phone. The person was probably paying no attention but I don't care. I NEED A JOB. I AM GOING TO DYE OF BOREDOM if I don't get a job! I already am like half dead but not completely dead. Oh and one more thing you might like to know. I am going to get my hair colored tomorrow! I want to do blonde and red highlights like I have done before but I feel really pregnant already and I feel icky so I need to do something fun. Gregg said I am not showing at all but I still feel huge. I also was weighed at the doctor and I have not gained any weight at all but why is it that I still feel like I have? I don't know. It may be in my mind but if I feel pregnant now, I cant WAIT for later! But I think I am going to go because I am rambling on about a bunch of stuff. I will be back later and update you on my life here as it progresses from bad to scary to not so homey to home sweet home. Keep watching for posts!

Monday, June 8, 2009

I love to drive...slow

Well hello everyone! I just picked my car up!!!!!!!!!!! I wanted to go and hug it when I saw it. I started to run towards my car blowing kisses and saying I love you but the people who worked there were looking at me really weird. I decided that maybe I should try and act more normal. I thought it was going to take forever to pick it up but they let me have it right away. I just had to check it over and make sure there was nothing wrong with it. When I started to drive away, I heard my brakes grinding a little and I stopped and asked them why. They said since it had not been driven in a while there was some rust on the brake pads and with driving a few minutes it would wear off. By the time I got back to base everything sounded fine. It was really weird driving my American car over here. Its funny also because I still have Oklahoma plates and I am sure that looked pretty funny. On the way home I asked Gregg not to drive too fast so I could follow and get comfortable driving. I really like driving but I only love driving when I can go slow. It was nice though because all of the millions of people lined up behind me didn't ride on my bumper or try to pass. They all saw my license plate, had pity on me and stayed back a ways...and now thinking back it could have just been out of fear. Its a little different driving on the left side but its even more different when you drive on the left side with your steering wheel on the left also. I cant see around vehicles so when there was a tractor in front of me going like 5 mph, I just stayed behind him until he moved to the side. I am not going to risk an accident just to get somewhere a little faster. I got used to driving the rental over here but for some reason its a whole new ball game when its your own car and you really care about it. There is something funny I noticed on the way to get my car that I thought I would share with you. Gregg does not ever see the signs saying the speed limit is being reduced. I would say maybe he is blind but the weirdest thing is that he instantly speeds up when the speed limit goes up. We were driving and is turned from like 50 to 30 mph. I decided to wait a minute and see if he changed his speed. He didn't so I said, "Hey Gregg did you see that sign back there"? He replied, "No, what sign"? I started laughing and was like, you never see the signs to slow down but somehow you always notice when you can speed up. He just shrugged his shoulders. I guess I can find comfort in the fact that he goes the speed limit when he sees the sign. Anyways, I will have to let you know when I get the rest of the stuff. I think its funny my car made it by boat faster than my stuff is making it by air. I am going to go now but I will let you know about anything else that goes on around here. Bye!

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Rough first night

OUCH! My back hurts! Why does my back hurt, you may ask? Well, we slept in our new wonderful house for the first time last night and we had to buy a cheap little air mattress to sleep on until our bed arrives. Everything was fine until we woke up and tried moving. Gregg got up out of bed and I sunk to the floor. Ohhh and the best part is that its a full size instead of a queen size. I thought full was bigger than queen so when we blew it up I was on the floor laughing. Sometimes its better to laugh than to cry. Anyways, our things are supposed to be here by now but somehow they made a boo boo and they have not arrived. I am not mad...really. So okay we had to go out and buy towels, sheets, pillows, a bed and food to eat with no dishes because our things that we shipped over in April by air are not here. I am not sure how my car arrived already and my things have not arrived yet. Odd. Also, there was another problem this morning that we forgot about. Here in England the voltage is like 220 or something and in America our appliances cant handle that voltage. Well...I took a shower this morning and was going to blow dry my hair when I was informed I would probably blow up if I plugged it in. We have a converter which is a little plug that is European but you can plug an American appliance into it. I thought all I had to do was plug my straightener or blow dryer into it and everything would work fine. Gregg told me before I blew up my appliances that it wasn't that easy. We have to get transformers but the place that will give us those are not open until Monday. Gregg ended up making a trip to get a hair dryer. BUT there was another problem even after he got the blow dryer. There is only one mirror in the whole house. The mirror is in the downstairs bathroom and there are no plugs that work in there. The only plugs in there are like for electric razors and they only put out like 120 volts. This is enough voltage to turn on the red light to my straightener but there is no heat going to it. So needless to say it was a really fun morning. I just kept thinking and dreaming about when our things finally get here and when I have more than a compact mirror to get ready in. I am not sure what exactly I look like today. I think it is better if I don't try and find out. Oh but there was one good thing about this morning. Last night we got Krispy Kreme donuts at the gas station on base for this morning. They were good and they made the morning somewhat more bearable. I am going to go now but I will have to let you know how we survive tonight as well. Bye!

Friday, June 5, 2009

Random bit of information

Well hello! I saw this vehicle yesterday and felt the need to share it with you. These vans are absolutely everywhere! I am not joking. Everyone decks out their vans. They will have scooped hoods, raised suspension and body kits. This one is for sale so if you are interested let me know. I am sure its not going anywhere anytime soon.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

So much to say...

Well hello! I thought I would write today and tell you first about my new cute phone! Apparently the main phone company is Vodafone. I got an LG Pink touch phone. Notice how I highlighted the word pink. When the sales clerk asked me what features I would like on my phone, I politely answered in one very important and informative word, "pink". He knew exactly what I was wanting and went and grabbed my dream phone. I love it. Gregg got a boring looking phone but it has a GPS so it is good for something. We went to Brandon today and dropped off the papers to get my car through customs and his GPS got us there. Well, it was wonderful and I praised it on the way there but on the way back it got us lost and after sending us completely around the world, we just followed the signs and I told Gregg his phone is dumb. He was hurt. I will have to apologize to him and the phone later. So like I said above, we called the Brandon vehicle processing center today and they said that my precious car arrived on a boat this morning!!!!!!! I jumped up and down and did several little squeals and then we got to business. We had to go and pick up our driver's licenses and get the papers signed to get my car through customs. We dropped the papers off today but we have to wait 24 hours after it gets there to be able to pick it up. I plan on hugging it when I see it. I hope they don't think that's weird. We also went to our new house today and finalized everything and got the keys to the house so we are one step closer to having a home. I wont call it my home until my things are here. We called TMO today and asked about our belongings. They said to be looking for an email but they would have to track my things down and find out where they are. That scared me a little bit but I am absolutely positive we will get all of our things back, one way or another. "One way or another, I'm gonna find ya, I'm gonna getcha, getcha, getcha, getcha". That is the song that went through my head just now. If you can't tell and for those who are reading and do not personally know me, I am a BIT dramatic. Everything is a little bit more dramatic in my mind. I am going to change the subject now because I just thought of something. I do not know if you can actually have pregnancy cravings this early but if not, I am just really really craving salads. I have eaten one for every meal since yesterday at lunch. Gregg doesn't even ask what I want to eat anymore. He knows I want a side salad. I don't know why its so good but I need to watch myself because I need iron too and right now that sounds gross. But I do like chicken on my salad so that is good at least. Well...if I am talking about my pregnancy cravings I probably have run out of things to say so I will post again tomorrow when I have something of importance to talk about. Cheers!

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

I am sure I heard her wrong...

Hello:) I went to the doctor today and started all of my records and everything for my pregnancy. I was smiling and nodding and going along my merry way until she mentioned lab work. I was sure that she did not mean blood work so I continued to fill out paper work and reassure myself I had heard her wrong. After signing my life away, I politely said, "So what exactly did you mean by lab work"? She said, "Oh here is a list of things that you have to be tested for. Look it over and you will be in here in about a week for lab work". I still wanted to make sure she meant a urine sample and not blood work so I asked if there would be any blood work. "OOHHHH yes!!! Hahaha of course (evil laugh) ...all of these are tested by blood. They will put a little thing to suck the life out of you in your vein but it will be okay". That last part I made up but I am positive she is saying I must have blood work. My immediate thought was to object and say no. In my panic and through the growing weakness in my knees, I asked if they could maybe put me to sleep or something. She just laughed. She thought I was joking! I told Gregg I might forget to come in and he said he would make sure and remember for me. I love my husband...always looking out for me.

Monday, June 1, 2009

I eat the candy here all day long

Hello again:) Well as I said above in my title, I have not quit eating the candy here. I eat it all day long. I am only about a month or so pregnant and I already look like I am five months pregnant. I cant seem to figure out why I am gaining so much weight...weird! Gregg keeps dropping little hints that we need to go and work out but I think he is just talking about for himself. I think I will ask the doctor why I am gaining weight so cant be because of the candy! It doesn't have any calories. I looked on the back for nutrition information and there isn't any! There was something that looked like a chart on the back of one of them but it was in a different language and it was too much work to decipher it so I figured they must be calorie free:) Yay for me! Anyways, how could you not eat something so cute as that little scrumptious hippo?! He is so happy and he wants to make me happy so I eat him. He has got some sort of yummy hazelnut cream inside. Also the candy that is long and standing up straight in the photo called Giotto is absolutely amazing! There are like nine little balls of goodness in each package. Each one is surrounded in little pieces of toffee and on the inside there is a hazelnut filling. I plan on sending my parents a package with wonderful candy in it. Aren't they lucky?! Well anyways, I must go because I am getting chocolate all over the key board. I am making a mess! I will talk to you lata:) CHEERS!