Saturday, February 13, 2010

All Curled Up

Ohhh little Ava! She has been such a joy. We are so thankful for her coming into our lives. She has started sucking her thumb a little bit. When she does it, one of us will yell to the other to hurry and get the camera but by the time we get it, she has taken it from her mouth. She is so funny.

She has SO MANY faces (See MANY FACES) and she seems to be full of personality already! I cannot imagine what she will grow into. I told Gregg if she is dramatic I have no idea where she got it from (not me). Its funny because whenever we give her a pacifier she gets a look of disgust on her face and then once she gets over the initial dislike, she takes it. Well the other day I sensed a bit of a dramatic side when I tried to give her the pacifier. I simply placed it on the end of her tongue to see if she wanted it and she made the look of disgust and then gagged. I laughed and thought, if you weren't so little I would have thought that was a bit dramatic! I will play it off now as coincidence and I will just say several prayers that she is a little Gregg (angel) and not a little Heidi. I will keep you all posted with new pictures and any updates as she gets older.

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