Saturday, June 6, 2009

Rough first night

OUCH! My back hurts! Why does my back hurt, you may ask? Well, we slept in our new wonderful house for the first time last night and we had to buy a cheap little air mattress to sleep on until our bed arrives. Everything was fine until we woke up and tried moving. Gregg got up out of bed and I sunk to the floor. Ohhh and the best part is that its a full size instead of a queen size. I thought full was bigger than queen so when we blew it up I was on the floor laughing. Sometimes its better to laugh than to cry. Anyways, our things are supposed to be here by now but somehow they made a boo boo and they have not arrived. I am not mad...really. So okay we had to go out and buy towels, sheets, pillows, a bed and food to eat with no dishes because our things that we shipped over in April by air are not here. I am not sure how my car arrived already and my things have not arrived yet. Odd. Also, there was another problem this morning that we forgot about. Here in England the voltage is like 220 or something and in America our appliances cant handle that voltage. Well...I took a shower this morning and was going to blow dry my hair when I was informed I would probably blow up if I plugged it in. We have a converter which is a little plug that is European but you can plug an American appliance into it. I thought all I had to do was plug my straightener or blow dryer into it and everything would work fine. Gregg told me before I blew up my appliances that it wasn't that easy. We have to get transformers but the place that will give us those are not open until Monday. Gregg ended up making a trip to get a hair dryer. BUT there was another problem even after he got the blow dryer. There is only one mirror in the whole house. The mirror is in the downstairs bathroom and there are no plugs that work in there. The only plugs in there are like for electric razors and they only put out like 120 volts. This is enough voltage to turn on the red light to my straightener but there is no heat going to it. So needless to say it was a really fun morning. I just kept thinking and dreaming about when our things finally get here and when I have more than a compact mirror to get ready in. I am not sure what exactly I look like today. I think it is better if I don't try and find out. Oh but there was one good thing about this morning. Last night we got Krispy Kreme donuts at the gas station on base for this morning. They were good and they made the morning somewhat more bearable. I am going to go now but I will have to let you know how we survive tonight as well. Bye!


  1. Well the donut looks really good.Did it make up for the rest of the mishaps? Eat two.

  2. How's the back? Did you furniture come? - Dad

  3. No furniture. Still have back pain. They said they dont know where our stuff is...comforting huh?