Monday, June 1, 2009

I eat the candy here all day long

Hello again:) Well as I said above in my title, I have not quit eating the candy here. I eat it all day long. I am only about a month or so pregnant and I already look like I am five months pregnant. I cant seem to figure out why I am gaining so much weight...weird! Gregg keeps dropping little hints that we need to go and work out but I think he is just talking about for himself. I think I will ask the doctor why I am gaining weight so cant be because of the candy! It doesn't have any calories. I looked on the back for nutrition information and there isn't any! There was something that looked like a chart on the back of one of them but it was in a different language and it was too much work to decipher it so I figured they must be calorie free:) Yay for me! Anyways, how could you not eat something so cute as that little scrumptious hippo?! He is so happy and he wants to make me happy so I eat him. He has got some sort of yummy hazelnut cream inside. Also the candy that is long and standing up straight in the photo called Giotto is absolutely amazing! There are like nine little balls of goodness in each package. Each one is surrounded in little pieces of toffee and on the inside there is a hazelnut filling. I plan on sending my parents a package with wonderful candy in it. Aren't they lucky?! Well anyways, I must go because I am getting chocolate all over the key board. I am making a mess! I will talk to you lata:) CHEERS!

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