Thursday, December 17, 2009

SNOW in England

IT SNOWED! IT SNOWED IN ENGLAND. AND IT IS STICKING! Apparently its not very common for it to snow in England and its even more uncommon for it to stick to the ground and not immediately melt away. Well tonight it has been snowing for a few hours and its sticking. We hope it stays but we are not holding our breath. We went outside tonight and decided we should make a snowman and I absolutely loved our snowman so much that I decided to share him with you. We didn't have carrots or anything to really make him a snowman so we used a Cheetos chip for the nose and M&M's for the eyes and buttons. It works. He is our little British snowman:)

Friday, December 11, 2009

The most recent addition to Ava's room

Hello! OKay so the most recent thing we have added to Ava's room is her crib and this adorable decal I ordered off of etsy. The crib I have in the last posting is not her crib. That is just a stock photo off of the website I ordered the bedding from. This is her actual crib in her room with her bedding. I love it:) Gregg and I had to go through quite an ordeal to get the decal to stick to the wall but finally we got it. We almost gave up but eventually it worked. I am glad her room is finally coming together. I am still waiting for the rocking chair and I need to find some sort of shelving unit and wicker baskets for toys and storage but after that and some finishing touches with decorations I think we will be done. I cant wait to see what the finished product looks like:) I love it so far.