Sunday, June 28, 2009

Not too exciting

Hello:) I havent written in a couple of days because there has really not been a lot going on. We are getting our house more and more set up. We cleaned out the bedroom last night that they put everything in when they moved our things here. We sorted it into bins and put it up into the attic. While we were doing this, Gregg was up in the attic and I was handing him a large suitcase. I stepped on a metal curtain rod (those cheap ones that run through your curtain and hook to the wall) and cut my foot pretty bad. It hurt so badly but I didnt want to go get stitches because I thought that since I was pregnant they couldnt do anything to numb the pain. So we went and got our own at home remedies and today we went to the emergency room just to make sure it wasnt infected and was healing okay. The doctor said it was healing good and that I needed a tetnus shot. He said it was a class C risk because its not proven to hurt the baby and they are not sure that it wont. He said he thought he would tell me the risks. I opted against the shot and am hoping and praying I didnt get tetnus. I dont think I did because it wasnt rusty but we will see. So I have been limping around all day and Gregg has been really sweet and is getting me everything I need. But other than that eventful event, not much has been going on. I start work tomorrow and am really excited about that. I even had to be sworn in the other day! That was an experience because I have never done that before but it was cool. I felt important. Oh and this is off the subject but do you know whats funny? We are celebrating the 4th of July on Saturday...from who? Lol we are in England and we are celebrating our freedom from the British! I find that commical. We are having friends over and are cooking out. I told my friend that we were cooking steaks for all of the adults and that for her child we would cook a hotdog and she said that her daughter loves steak. So I guess we are going to be making another steak for a 4 year old! I am sure her dad will eat whats left over. On saturday we are going to a DIY store and we are getting curtains and wardrobes and stuff for Gregg to work on the backyard with. He has a plan to make the back yard really pretty so I am justgoing to sit back and let him do it. There are worms and bugs outside so I will sit inside and hang curtains. But anyways, when we do something of some importance, I will let you know. Bye!


  1. Ouch! I hope your foot gets better soon! And good call not going to the ER right away. Or A&E as we call it. The doctors there aren't too brilliant.

    Good luck at work (:


  2. Sorry to hear about your foot. Sounds painful!
    When I got a job at the commissary I had to be sworn in too. And I was so darn nervous!
    Good luck and Happy 4th!

  3. Good luck at work. Foot sounds sore but at least the doctor told oyu about all risks involved for you to make a choice yourself. Sounds pretty safe to me if it was a new curtain piece and not rusty.

  4. Ouch! A few years ago I cut my foot when stepping on a hidden precious moments figurine. Probably should have gotten stitches but didn't go in.

    At the beginning of my last pregnancy I did nearly cut the top of my thumb off with gardening shears and had to go in. The emergency room doc gave me a tetanus shot and I reacted badly too it. So my doctor said no more for me ever. The baby is ok though.

    Have a great 4th!

  5. Heidi, Is your foot healing OK?
    Enjoy the 4th and cook me a steak. Oh, thanks to you both for the British T-shirt and the yummies from there.
    Love you.