Friday, February 5, 2010

Ava's 1st Real Bath

Today we gave Ava her first real bath. We had to give her sponge baths before today because her umbilical cord had fallen off early and was not healing up properly. The doctors did something to make it close up and so today was her first bath.

It was funny because before we put her in the water she was crying because we were changing her diaper and taking her clothes off but as soon as she got into the warm water she immediately stopped crying.

She LOVED it. You could see the contentment on her face.

It was funny also because after we took her out she started to cry again. I guess we know that bath time will be a happy time for Ava.


  1. She's so sweet. And in the first photo looks she so much like Gregg.

  2. She looks like she thoroughly enjoyed her bath.And she still needs to fill up those chicken legs. I miss her.

  3. So cute! Bath time is still Cashe's favorite thing to do... I doubt Ava will grow out of that;)