Thursday, June 18, 2009

Lots of home cooking

HELLO! I am absolutely loving loving loving cooking at home! I don't care if its just macaroni and cheese for dinner...ITS AT MY HOME! We don't want to see fast food ever again at this point so we have been eating at home for every meal and saving soo much money. Last night we had a really good meal. Its not a hard meal by any means but its really good. I got boneless, skinless chicken breasts, Montreal Chicken Seasoning and peppers (green, red and yellow). I put a little olive oil in a pan and sprinkled some of the seasoning. Then I just cut up the peppers and surrounded the chicken with the peppers. You just put it in the oven and when its ready, the peppers are caramelized and you put them on top of the meat. Its really good and it looks pretty too! I might be easily amused but I must have green, red and yellow peppers even though they all taste the same! Then I made mashed potatoes with my Kitchen Aid mixer and got the potatoes really CREAMY and added lots of sour cream and butter. After doing this I added shredded cheese and bacon bits. I usually add green onions too but I didn't get any this time. Then you just put this mixture in the oven and it keeps it warm and tasty while your chicken or the rest of your meal is finishing cooking. It was really good. It is very simple and anyone can make it but it WAS really good. Then today for lunch Gregg came home and I made him a really good sandwich. I buttered and seasoned Texas toast and broiled it in the oven while I cut up chicken breast. I put the chicken breast on the stove and add seasoning. It will get slightly brown and then I just put the sandwich together. A little lettuce, mayo, bacon, cheese and tomatoes made it a really good sandwich. Gregg said, "man I didn't know that the best sandwich in the world was made in my kitchen". I blushed a little but I must admit it was darn good. SO as you can see, I love making things at home. I am not a great cook but I love making food. Anyways, I am also excited because I have my first doctor's appointment tomorrow where I get to hear the baby's heartbeat! And the military lets Gregg come to each of my appointments so he gets to come with me. I am happy and I will have to let you know if its a fast or a slow heartbeat. My mom said that all of her girls had fast heart beats and her one boy had a slower heart beat. I hope its fast because I really want a little girl but I hope the doctor says, "Oh you have such a calm little baby. Its going to be an absolute angel...very laid back and calm". I can somehow picture getting the same results as a friend of mine, Alyssa did. She said her baby was moving at the speed of light and her doctor told her she had a very active baby. If he says that, I am going to scream because then I will know that I am having a little ME! I was a rascal as a baby and little kid so I want a little Gregg. He was an angel and always did what he was supposed to. Pray for me. Well, I am going to go but I will have to tell you what I find out! I really only pray that my baby is healthy:)

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