Friday, June 12, 2009

The hardest thing for a girl about moving

Okay so any girls who are reading probably know that the hardest thing about moving is giving up your best friend (your hair stylist of course). I didn't say this on the first post but one of the main reasons I was crying so hard on the first day was because I didn't know where I was going to get my hair cut. I was really attached to the lady who did it back home. I don't know what it is about getting your hair cut by someone you trust but you just seem to be able to tell them your whole life story in the time you are in the chair. They know your hair, so that automatically makes you best friends. The trust it takes to let someone alter your hair is one of the greatest bonds you can have on earth. Anyways, so moving was tough for me because I was leaving my hair stylist. BUT yesterday I saw a lady when I was going into the BX on base and she had my EXACT SAME HAIR CUT! I was like oh my goodness, "chase her"! I tried to get out of my car fast but she was walking so quickly I didn't think I would catch up. I thought about giving up after I had said, "ma'am" twice very loudly. I didn't give up. Finally I caught up with her and I got her attention. I said, "I just moved here and I don't know where to get my hair cut. I saw your hair though and its cut like mine so where do you get yours cut"? She wasn't scared of me at all and she told me that she gets it cut at the salon on base! SHE TOLD ME HER SECRET. I said thank you and made a beeline for the BX which is the holder of the salon she was talking about. I asked for the person she had told me about and got an appointment for a color on Tuesday and and cut like a week from now! I really like it here. It feels like home suddenly. I will have to let you know how the cut turns out...but I have a feeling it will be POSH. I honestly don't know if I said that word in the right context but I heard a lady say that the other day on the radio about her fake eyelashes. It could mean any number of things so if you know what it means, please let me know because i really like that word. ANYWAYS...My stuff is being delivered on Monday and we are going to Cambridge tomorrow. I have heard its really nice so I will let you know what I see:) Bye! Cheers! Posh!


  1. You are learning so much there. You are going to have American food and now your hair stylist is lined up. What more could you need. Oh wait, I know. Internet so we can Skype!
    Love you.

  2. I just found your blog and have enjoyed reading it SO MUCH! are on quite an adventure. I'm going to look forward to reading it each day and almost feel like I am with you. Hope you get your things in place real soon.

  3. I stumbled across your blog from Kristin's craft blog. I grew up across the street from you!! "Bobbi Seykora"...I can't believe you are old enough to be married!!! Let alone pregnant and living in another country! Not possible!! Sounds like you are having an adventurous time adjusting. Fun to read! Take care!

  4. HEY, don't get your hair colored without telling the stylist that you are pregnant. Love you, Dad and Mom

  5. POSH means smart, perfect.
    I love your explaination of english life. I am english and I now live in New Zealand. It is fun because i so understand what you are going on about and it is probably what I miss about the uk.