Thursday, June 18, 2009

A Good Story

Hello! I thought I would share a story that Gregg (my husband) told me happened at his work. He brings a little pocket sized Bible with him in his work pants every day and if he has time to sit around in the day, he reads it. Well one day last week he had just got done reading and his commander called him into his office. You normally assume you are in trouble if he calls you into his office because he is very busy and wont call you in to his office just to chat. Also, he is very high ranking and doesn't like to waste time. Anyways, so Gregg was wondering the whole way to his office what he could have possibly done wrong already. Once in his office, his commander pulled a little book out of his pocket and said, "I've got one too and I read it every day". Gregg was shocked at first that he was not in trouble but soon realized it was a Bible he was holding. His commander then said, "Don't give up". And Gregg replied, "Oh, I wont Sir". I thought this was such a good story. It is definitely an encouraging story for me because when I start working I hope I can be a good example also and cause others to give God the glory for my good example.


  1. That's a good story.
    God Bless!

    (btw, are you guys AF? do you have a nice commissary?)

    And good luck with your dr. appointment.

  2. Thanks! Yeah we are AF and on Mildenhall the commissary is not very big but on the Lakenheath base the commissary is very big and its really good. Its only like 5 minutes away.

  3. I loved hearing it. Tell Gregg I'm proud of him too. God bless you guys. - Dad

  4. That's a great story. I am always encouraged by those types of stories!