Monday, June 8, 2009

I love to drive...slow

Well hello everyone! I just picked my car up!!!!!!!!!!! I wanted to go and hug it when I saw it. I started to run towards my car blowing kisses and saying I love you but the people who worked there were looking at me really weird. I decided that maybe I should try and act more normal. I thought it was going to take forever to pick it up but they let me have it right away. I just had to check it over and make sure there was nothing wrong with it. When I started to drive away, I heard my brakes grinding a little and I stopped and asked them why. They said since it had not been driven in a while there was some rust on the brake pads and with driving a few minutes it would wear off. By the time I got back to base everything sounded fine. It was really weird driving my American car over here. Its funny also because I still have Oklahoma plates and I am sure that looked pretty funny. On the way home I asked Gregg not to drive too fast so I could follow and get comfortable driving. I really like driving but I only love driving when I can go slow. It was nice though because all of the millions of people lined up behind me didn't ride on my bumper or try to pass. They all saw my license plate, had pity on me and stayed back a ways...and now thinking back it could have just been out of fear. Its a little different driving on the left side but its even more different when you drive on the left side with your steering wheel on the left also. I cant see around vehicles so when there was a tractor in front of me going like 5 mph, I just stayed behind him until he moved to the side. I am not going to risk an accident just to get somewhere a little faster. I got used to driving the rental over here but for some reason its a whole new ball game when its your own car and you really care about it. There is something funny I noticed on the way to get my car that I thought I would share with you. Gregg does not ever see the signs saying the speed limit is being reduced. I would say maybe he is blind but the weirdest thing is that he instantly speeds up when the speed limit goes up. We were driving and is turned from like 50 to 30 mph. I decided to wait a minute and see if he changed his speed. He didn't so I said, "Hey Gregg did you see that sign back there"? He replied, "No, what sign"? I started laughing and was like, you never see the signs to slow down but somehow you always notice when you can speed up. He just shrugged his shoulders. I guess I can find comfort in the fact that he goes the speed limit when he sees the sign. Anyways, I will have to let you know when I get the rest of the stuff. I think its funny my car made it by boat faster than my stuff is making it by air. I am going to go now but I will let you know about anything else that goes on around here. Bye!


  1. Too bad you didn't put all your essentials in your car, you would have them now too. Funny how it worked out.

  2. It's funny how you described your feelings when you first saw your car! When we shipped our car over to S.Korea I almost cried! *LOL* Yes, I cry over the littlest things! Our car also arrived damaged, but it was an easy win on that and we got some money for it. I'm sure it's very scary and exciting to be driving on the "wrong" side of the road. Hope the rest of your belongings arrive safely too.

  3. Hey Heidi! I found your blog from your sister's blog, and now I have read it all. Congratulations on the pregnancy! I am so excited for you guys! (and maybe slightly jealous.) Hope everything gets settled for you soon in England. If you ever need another expat friend to talk to, email me! And if things ever get irritating or confusing or lonely, just think to yourself, "at least it's not China."

  4. Welcome to England Heidi.I hope you'll enjoy your life here. We are a quirky lot, but we are friendly and helpful to newcomers as you will discover. How exciting to be having your baby here too!Hope you are not finding the weather too bad- we DO have nice weather here (occasionally-ha ha!)Anyhow, enjoy yourself- it'll be an experience for sure!!!

  5. haha apparently a few of us have come via your sister! (well, her blog to be exact). Anyways, I'm Megan and I'm enjoying your blog, it's super cute. Good luck on the pregnancy. And eat some Milka for me. If they have it in London... I know it's all over Germany. Chocko und Keks is the best (it's got cookies inside the chocolate bar... mmm) haha

  6. Hi Heidi,
    I am suffering because I haven't read any news from you and Gregg for two days! Please write soon. Your mom and dad need a Heidi fix.
    Love you and Gregg,