Thursday, June 11, 2009

Just wait...

Hello again. I just posted but I wanted a quick separate post to tell you all something. Right now at this moment I am kind of scared and intimidated by this new strange land but I am becoming a little more adventurous. You get to see me from my initial feelings here and I am letting everyone know about every little thing that happens because if any of you are moving to another country, its a big deal and if you know what to expect it may be a little easier. But my point is that you should expect fun adventures in the near future. We do want to visit Wales in the next couple of months. I think to the border its like 4 hours away. We are going to save any excess gas money and put it into a travel fund. I also want to find a Cath Kidston store so if any of you reading know where the closest one to Mildenhall is, I would love to know! Also, we are going to Cambridge on Saturday and I have heard that there is a Chili's there (YAY AMERICAN FOOD) so we are definitely going to be eating there. I have heard Cambridge is a great place to visit. I am trying to do my best to inform you of the ups and downs there are to moving to a completely different place. There are some downs but there are so many ups. I hope you all enjoy!

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