Thursday, June 18, 2009

One big reason America is so great

I love America. I love it here also but I really love my home country. I am a visitor here and I am enjoying every bit of it but I intend on going back to the States when my husband has served his time here. I was thinking today about one big reason America is wonderful. WALMART. Here is a conversation I once heard between two men in America.

Man #1: "So did you come here also so you could dream big and get rich"?

Man #2: "No, I came because I love Walmart".

TRUE STORY. I really heard two men having that conversation. Actually I really made the conversation up in my head this morning but I think it probably has happened. I want you to savor what you have if you are in the States because here there is not anything comparable to Walmart. Walmart is amazing and I hope you think of me when you go next time. Think about how lucky you are. Buy some stuff and think about loving America. Come to England on vacation but then go home and go to Walmart. Its beautiful here and I love it but I also love Walmart. I know this whole post is a bit silly but it really is true. I guess the old saying is don't truly know what you have until its gone. I will just have to go to Paris and do some shopping and cry under the Eiffel Tower...poor me right?


  1. When we were stationed over in England we missed Walmart too. One time that we were coming home on leave we asked some friends if there was anything they wanted us to bring back for them from the states, and on more than one occasion we were told "please bring back Walmart. We miss it."

  2. I hear you. I really think that when we go back home for the summer I will probably go to walmart and just sit down in the cereal aisle and cry tears of joy. There are rumors that our city in China might get a walmart...I hope so!!!

  3. Well, England has a supermarket that is part of the Walmart company. It's called Asda and they're EVERYWHERE.
    It's nowehere near as good as Walmart, in fact it sucks in comparison, but it's the closest we've got *sob*

  4. We lived in the same area for years when my dad was station at Lakenheath, we actually lived in Thetford (I went to school at Mildenhall). When we got back to the US, we were so shocked that stores atyed open 24 hours! There were rows and rows of choices! We thought we had died and gone to heaven. That said, we had an absolutely wonderful tour of duty in Britain and I would be happy to share any memories of places we liked to go if you need. Have fun.