Friday, September 24, 2010

Chilly weather is upon us...

Today a friend of mine and I walked down to the market in Mildenhall. It was chilly and drizzling a little so I bundled Ava up pretty good. This coat is still big but I love it! Oh my goodness I took so many pictures. Cute!

Thursday, September 23, 2010

I love to organize!

I have been in an organizing mood lately...really ever since I was pregnant. It just stuck with me I guess. I am either extremely organized or terribly disorganized. Anyways, I found this organizational unit and I am going to get it for our upstairs hallway. It is going to be right next to the bathroom and it will contain our towels, washcloths, toilet paper etc. Isn't it so stinkin cute?!

I have an idea...

Okay so lately Gregg and I have been project people. We cant stop ourselves from buying cheap furniture and fixing it up. Its fun! We are still waiting on the foam for the chairs but once that comes we will have them finished. They are going to look adorable. They will be so special too. Anyways, so I have been playing with the idea of buying furniture cheap, fixing it up and selling it. The other day I found an oak round pedestal dining room table with four chairs (all so cute) and I got it for 30 dollars! It is in great condition minus a pea sized hole on the table that Gregg is going to fill. I sanded the table yesterday and I am going to paint it a cream color that we already have. All in all, I will spend no more on it than the 30 dollars I bought it for. I looked a little on and I can reasonably sell it for somewhere around $200. I also found out about a furniture auction that goes on in a town close to me every saturday at 9. Apparently you can get antique furniture for really cheap. One lady was raving about an antique wardrobe she bought for 10 pounds! That is like $15. Crazy! Anyways, I think Gregg and I are going to go in a couple of weeks after I finish the table. I think I finally have found a way to make money and still stay home with little Ava! What a blessing!

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Oh Coo

Hello all! I havent posted as frequently lately as I know I should. I am sorry. I will post some more pictures later of Ava's 8 month old pictures and the pictures we took the other day at the park when we went for a picnic. They are very cute. We held her hands and let her slide down the slide and she loved it! I really am not one of those parents who imagines their child is saying something they are not so I am pretty sure that lately Ava has been trying to say "cool". Whenever she examines something closely or gets excited about something she has, she stares at it intensely and says, "Ohhh coo". I say "cool" a lot so its my guess that is what she is trying to say. She says it all the time. The other day she was sitting in her Bumbo on the table while I was feeding her. She turned around and saw Gregg through the window grilling chicken. She got really excited and said, "ohhhhh coo". It was so cute! Tell me if I am crazy and thats impossible but I really think she is trying to say cool. Anyways, here are some pictures of Ava this morning. I love this skirt!!!!! Thank you Jenifer and Jason:)

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Ava is 8 months old!

I snapped this picture when I saw her peeking out at me from under my bed. She looks under EVERYTHING. She looks under the smallest spaces and then pulls things out I had no idea were under there!

Ava is 8 months old today. It kind of snuck up on me. I didn't even realize it was today until I looked at the date on the computer. I will take the usual picture of her in her crib tomorrow but for now here are a few I have taken recently. She is growing up so fast!

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Cute Shoes for Kids

Here are some shoes I love from

Crooked Houses and Bits and Bobs

Gregg and I want to go and visit England's finest medieval town called Levenham. Apparently this village was created by Henry III around 750 years ago when he granted Lavenham market status.
This started a prosperous period in Lavenham's history. I want to go and see this unique village only a few hours from where we live. I am especially excited about the fact that a lot of houses and buildings there are crooked.

They have been that way for hundreds of years. I have researched the town a little bit and I like what I see as far as SHOPS go. Oh yeah! I am so there. Crooked buildings. Cute shops. Medieval village. Whats better than history and shopping? I think London should take note of this. They need to throw some shops in with all the history. Too much history is boring. I found one store called "Vintage Pink". This is the description: Vintage Pink says it all! A delightful collection of ladies fashions, accessories, jewellery, bags, bits and bobs. Who doesn't want "bits and bobs". I want one!!! Anyways, so I have never been to Levenham but I feel a bit of a kinship with this strange place. I will have to go. I will blog about this adventure soon I hope!

Tuesday, September 7, 2010


We had such a fun day in Sheringham. It was really good to get out and see some of God's wonderful creation in such a beautiful country. It was a little chilly but it was beautiful nonetheless. First of all, the ride there was so pretty. We saw a few castles that were still standing and we saw castle ruins as well. We also found a cute bed and breakfast at the crossroads where you choose whether you want to go to Sheringham or Cromer. We thought we could go and stay sometime and spend a day at each of those places. After we got there, we were starving! We needed something to eat like fast...American style. Well....that isn't how things work in England. You sit down and you wait...and you wait some more and just when you feel as if you might eat your own hand, they bring your food. We ate at this tea house.

I got a sandwich and crisps (chips) and Gregg got soup. We had someone take our picture.

We were luckily all looking in the general direction at the same time...kinda. When you ask someone to take your picture, you take what you get! After we ate, we went and took some pictures of the beautiful view that the restaurant overlooked.

I am glad that we got the picture of us at the restaurant because the camera ended up dying pretty early on and so we couldn't take any more pictures. We spent the afternoon walking through the shops in the town center. I got a really cute tea cup with a crown on it.

Very cute and unique. I also got Ava a couple ocean themed books.

I thought it would be appropriate. Gregg tried to look for a souvenir but the only thing he could find that he wanted was a bike. Yeah. Guys are expensive. I don't care what they say. Anyways, we ended up getting him some truffles from a chocolate shop.

Also, on the way home we stopped at a farm shop and got some really good all natural fruit drinks and some Raspberry Jam. We wanted to get some local honey but we ended up settling on Jam instead. We plan on going exploring again soon because there were some cute villages we passed on the way to Sheringham. I was almost crawling out the window as we were passing cute shops along the way. I hope you enjoyed Gregg, Ava and My little adventure! There will be more soon. I promise.

Sunday, September 5, 2010


The other day I was driving home and I saw a pile of things in someones front yard with the sign, "free" posted. A small round, pedestal table (like what I have wanted) caught my eye. I went home and told Gregg about it and asked him if he would go and take a look. After all, he would be the one fixing it. He went and came home with multiple treasures. He brought the table home and said it was a really old, real wood table and that it would take almost no work to fix. He also found an old camera that looks almost brand new. It is a Canon Canonet. It was made in 1961! The case is even the original case and its in pretty good condition. He was really excited about this treasure. He is going to take it to a camera shop and get it cleaned up a bit. One person's trash can be another person's treasure.

Ava's First Word

AVA'S FIRST WORD WAS MOMMA!!! Do you believe me? Yeah well I am joking. Her first stinkin word was dadda. She woke up this morning and wouldnt stop saying it. She has said it before today but it was always really random. Today she would look right at him and say it. Also when I ask her where he is, she looks at him amd says dadda. I tried to prevent it. I really did. I tried to tell her that I was the one who had morning sickness for the first 4 and a half months. I tried to mention the fact that I had to birth her. She didnt pay any attention apparently. Instead of calling Gregg, "daddy", I called him "daddy-opolis" because I wanted the name to be harder and more confusing so she wouldnt say it first. That didnt work. Anyways, it is really cute to hear her talking. She says dadda ALL day long. I will have to take a video and post it:)

Thursday, September 2, 2010


Hello! A friend of mine told me about a place called Sheringham which is actually really close to Cromer. I think Gregg and I are going to go on Monday. Here are some pictures of Sheringham.

Our Day in Cromer

I love England. Oh my goodness I have a new found appreciation for the beauty around me. I had so much fun yesterday! We took lots and lots of pictures. One of my friends is a really good photographer so she took like 350 pictures while we were there. She only sent me a few last night but once I receive the others, I will post a few.

Picture the cutest seaside town you could ever imagine and that is where we were. I cant describe the beauty. I don't even think pictures could completely capture how pretty it was. There was a big beautiful cathedral opposite the view of the waves splashing up on the beach. Awesome. I went down to the water with Ava and my friend took lots of pictures. I rolled up my jeans, what a I thought would be enough but when the tide came in, I realized it was not enough. The legs of my jeans were completely soaked! I tried bending down and having her get some pictures of Ava putting her feet in the water but Ava was extremely scared of the water. I think its because when I first walked into the water, the water drenched me and I screamed. After that she wouldn't stop staring at the water and when it got close she would cry. I think we got some good pictures anyway. I also picked up some cool rocks and brought them home as a free souvenir.

For lunch we ate at this little sandwich shop where the bread was made fresh daily. I kept it pretty simple and got a turkey and ham sandwich but it was surprisingly good. You never can quite tell what you are actually going to get. We walked through the little shops for a while and I saw a bed and breakfast that I could see wanting to stay at. We also saw TONS of ice cream shops. There were so many of them. When we were leaving, we were in a hurry so we just stopped at one on our way back to the car. I got a milkshake and it was pretty good. I knew that if I stopped at a ice cream shop we had seen earlier, it would have been better. Anyways, Gregg and I definitely want to go together sometime. He has off Monday so I think we are going to pack lunches, rent a GPS for $12 on base and go somewhere fun. This place is great!

I started to feel last night like we don't have enough time over here to fully appreciate everything! We definitely are going to start traveling more. Well I am off to the gym now but I will post the really awesome pictures of Ava and I by and in the water when I get those. Bye!