Sunday, June 21, 2009

Mmmm...mmmm....yum, yum, yum!

Hello! I have had a good relaxing weekend. We were lazy most of the weekend and didnt do a whole lot. I read through a Mary Higgins Clark novel and am already almost done with my second one. When I start reading, I cant stop. Gregg also introduced me to the game Risk and I beat everyone. He gave me a little guidance but he died quickly and I was able to finish off the rest of the players. Its a fun game. Today is father's day as you all know! Gregg is the father of an unborn child so this is the first father's day we celebrated. He got a grill he had been wanting (and I had been wanting) and we got some really good top sirloin steaks that he grilled masterfully. Those steaks were REALLY thick so its tricky to get them done and not burn them at the same time. He did a wonderful job. The steaks were heavy so we had salads with them and rolls. It was a meal that made both of us say, "Mmm...mmm...yum,yum,yum". We also had red bull energy drinks for our drinks which made the meal that much better. I know caffeine is not the greatest when you are pregnant but I read I am allowed 250mg of caffeine a day and it was only like 60 for the drink. I didnt feel too guilty because that is the only caffeine I have had today. So we had a great weekend and a wonderful meal. We are hooked on grilling now. We have already talked about other things we want to grill. Here is a recipe for a Grilled Hawaiian Chicken Sandwich that I found and we are going to try later this week. Here is the link to the recipe on the It looks really tasty and we are grilling people now so we are going to grill like crazy! Does anyone have any ideas for a good chicken marinade? We are grilling chicken tomorrow night and I am wanting a good yummy idea for a marinade. Let me know! I am going to go now but I will talk to you soon:) Bye!

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  1. sorry no marinade, but my husband is addicted to the game Risk lol