Tuesday, June 2, 2009

I am sure I heard her wrong...

Hello:) I went to the doctor today and started all of my records and everything for my pregnancy. I was smiling and nodding and going along my merry way until she mentioned lab work. I was sure that she did not mean blood work so I continued to fill out paper work and reassure myself I had heard her wrong. After signing my life away, I politely said, "So what exactly did you mean by lab work"? She said, "Oh here is a list of things that you have to be tested for. Look it over and you will be in here in about a week for lab work". I still wanted to make sure she meant a urine sample and not blood work so I asked if there would be any blood work. "OOHHHH yes!!! Hahaha of course (evil laugh) ...all of these are tested by blood. They will put a little thing to suck the life out of you in your vein but it will be okay". That last part I made up but I am positive she is saying I must have blood work. My immediate thought was to object and say no. In my panic and through the growing weakness in my knees, I asked if they could maybe put me to sleep or something. She just laughed. She thought I was joking! I told Gregg I might forget to come in and he said he would make sure and remember for me. I love my husband...always looking out for me.


  1. I never liked that part either, just look the other way. Eventually they will be finished.Welcome to motherhood.

  2. Oh yes, needles are your friend when you are pregnant (and delivering). You will get used to it:) I still can't watch but it honestly does not hurt.

  3. Congratulations on your pregnancy. You'll be fine :)Just wait till you get to see the ultrasounds.

  4. Hello Heidi! I just "found" your blog, can't remember how. But I'd love to follow your adventures in England and throughout Europe. We've been stationed in Germany for years and now we're stationg in Seoul, S.Korea. So, we have a little 'something' in common, right? LOL
    I hope you fall madly in love with Europe - like we did. Everything is amazingly beautiful. We would like to retire in Germany and buy ourselves a little cottage somewhere in Bavaria. Dreams....
    Anyways, keep on posting... I'll be following you!
    Oh and congratulations on your pregnancy! And like the second person said "needles are your friend when you are pregnant". LOL