Tuesday, June 16, 2009

I am still here!

Hello! You may be thinking that I have died or fallen off the face of the earth but I am still here! I did not die and I feel a bit like I have fallen off the face of the earth to a strange land but I am still here. Good news huh? The last couple of days have been crazy. Yesterday we had to stay at the house from 8-5 to wait for our shipment of household goods which was super fun because we got to stare at blank walls for 9 hours. Normally you would think that they would be there somewhere between 8-5 but they didn't get there until nearly five 0' clock. I was the most excited to see my couch. I was so excited that I felt like running and jumping on it before they had even put it down. I am sure that would have gone down well. We were told by some people at church who moved over here a couple of years ago that the moving people are supposed to actually unpack all of your things and take the boxes away. The moving guys probably saw two young looking, naive kids and thought, "lets just go and leave all the boxes here". Well they were not going to pull it past us! We asked them if they were taking the boxes as they started to leave. One of them politely agreed and said he would unpack our things and the other literally threw a fit. He just upset and started violently taking my things out of the boxes. I kept this in the back of my mind and at the end when they were about to leave I asked the man who was nice what his name was so we could give our compliments to his company. I think this scared the other one because he started really acting nice to Gregg and I. Also, Gregg said that it asked on the questionnaire at the end if we refused the unpacking of our things and decided to keep the boxes, which shows that they are supposed to offer...not throw fits. I just watched him the whole time waiting for him to break something out of his anger for having to do his job. He didn't but I would have seen it if he had. SOOO...after that long story I can happily say that my things are all here! YAY! We have been sitting on our couch an awful lot. Also, I was able to really sleep through the night for the first time on our real bed because it was so comfortable. I could not sleep on that air mattress so it felt nice last night. OH and it was funny because literally right after we unpacked the dishes, I put them away and washed the ones we needed for dinner. I got right to work making spaghetti with bow tie favorite! We also had garlic bread and it was just what I have been craving! Oh my goodness it was amazing! I was starving already and it looked so good that my eyes were a little bigger than my stomach and I took a lot on my plate. Once at the table I had taken three bites and I was on my way to getting full. I ended up eating about a tenth of what was on my plate lol. But it was really good and I was definitely satisfied. On Sunday, I had gone and gotten groceries and we don't plan on eating out at all for the rest of our lives if we don't have to. So, my house is mostly set up but I cant put any of my decorations up yet because we haven't gotten nails and also they are still coming to paint our walls so we want to wait. I cant wait to have everything JUST where I want it:) When they brought all of our things in I started to feel overwhelmed and I just sat on the couch and didn't want to do anything. When things are crazy messy like they were, with everything everywhere, I literally cant handle it. I am impatient and Gregg knows that so he came and told me that it was going to be okay but that it wouldn't be where it needs to be and we would never get done unless I start somewhere. He got busy to work and ended up doing most everything because he saw the light at the end of the tunnel. Well after all the craziness, I do have my house in order and it does feel like home. I also had my interview the other day for my job at the Child Development Center and I feel it went really well. I had to observe one of the rooms for an hour before my actual interview and I don't think I have smelt so many dirty diapers in my whole life. I came to terms while in that room that those smells would be my fate for the next 7 months or so and then even longer after that because soon it will be my baby! I love working with kids though and I guess there is some dirty work in every job. Well that is a summary of my last couple of days! I will be back with more updates and news later!
P.S. I talked to a girl at church who knows where a Cath Kidston store is in London. I told her she must take me.


  1. It is hard moving to another country and waiting for your own stuff to arrive. Good on oyu for bring those 2 guys into order, just what they needed.
    Life will get easier now because you are more relaxed with your own stuff around you.
    Explore as much as possible in the next 4 yrs, there is so much beautiful stuff to see in the uk that you just don't have in the States. Take more pictures than you need and just enjoy it, believe me the 4 yrs will vanish very quickly.
    I look forward to reading more about what you get up to over the next 4 yrs.

  2. It's always nice to have our own things around us! Have a great week.

  3. Aww! I'm super glad you've got all your stuff back!

    And you have to learn that delivery services here in England suck! If they say, they'll deliver 8-5, they'll most likely deliver between 4 and 5.
    But don't worry, you get used to it afterr a while.