Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Oh Coo

Hello all! I havent posted as frequently lately as I know I should. I am sorry. I will post some more pictures later of Ava's 8 month old pictures and the pictures we took the other day at the park when we went for a picnic. They are very cute. We held her hands and let her slide down the slide and she loved it! I really am not one of those parents who imagines their child is saying something they are not so I am pretty sure that lately Ava has been trying to say "cool". Whenever she examines something closely or gets excited about something she has, she stares at it intensely and says, "Ohhh coo". I say "cool" a lot so its my guess that is what she is trying to say. She says it all the time. The other day she was sitting in her Bumbo on the table while I was feeding her. She turned around and saw Gregg through the window grilling chicken. She got really excited and said, "ohhhhh coo". It was so cute! Tell me if I am crazy and thats impossible but I really think she is trying to say cool. Anyways, here are some pictures of Ava this morning. I love this skirt!!!!! Thank you Jenifer and Jason:)


  1. Hey Heidi, it's Hannah Forsberg... Priscilla told me i could find u on here! Your life looks amazing and i am really happy for you!! Can't help but notice you're the same Heidi though in some ways!! :) Miss you, and think about you alot! Congrats on getting married and having BEAUTIFUL Ms. Ava!!! She is adorable! Love ya!!