Thursday, September 2, 2010

Our Day in Cromer

I love England. Oh my goodness I have a new found appreciation for the beauty around me. I had so much fun yesterday! We took lots and lots of pictures. One of my friends is a really good photographer so she took like 350 pictures while we were there. She only sent me a few last night but once I receive the others, I will post a few.

Picture the cutest seaside town you could ever imagine and that is where we were. I cant describe the beauty. I don't even think pictures could completely capture how pretty it was. There was a big beautiful cathedral opposite the view of the waves splashing up on the beach. Awesome. I went down to the water with Ava and my friend took lots of pictures. I rolled up my jeans, what a I thought would be enough but when the tide came in, I realized it was not enough. The legs of my jeans were completely soaked! I tried bending down and having her get some pictures of Ava putting her feet in the water but Ava was extremely scared of the water. I think its because when I first walked into the water, the water drenched me and I screamed. After that she wouldn't stop staring at the water and when it got close she would cry. I think we got some good pictures anyway. I also picked up some cool rocks and brought them home as a free souvenir.

For lunch we ate at this little sandwich shop where the bread was made fresh daily. I kept it pretty simple and got a turkey and ham sandwich but it was surprisingly good. You never can quite tell what you are actually going to get. We walked through the little shops for a while and I saw a bed and breakfast that I could see wanting to stay at. We also saw TONS of ice cream shops. There were so many of them. When we were leaving, we were in a hurry so we just stopped at one on our way back to the car. I got a milkshake and it was pretty good. I knew that if I stopped at a ice cream shop we had seen earlier, it would have been better. Anyways, Gregg and I definitely want to go together sometime. He has off Monday so I think we are going to pack lunches, rent a GPS for $12 on base and go somewhere fun. This place is great!

I started to feel last night like we don't have enough time over here to fully appreciate everything! We definitely are going to start traveling more. Well I am off to the gym now but I will post the really awesome pictures of Ava and I by and in the water when I get those. Bye!


  1. So cute Heidi! I miss little Ava and can't wait to see y'all again;)

  2. Thank you! I miss all of your little ones and we miss you and Blake as well. We cant wait to see you next summer!