Thursday, September 23, 2010

I have an idea...

Okay so lately Gregg and I have been project people. We cant stop ourselves from buying cheap furniture and fixing it up. Its fun! We are still waiting on the foam for the chairs but once that comes we will have them finished. They are going to look adorable. They will be so special too. Anyways, so I have been playing with the idea of buying furniture cheap, fixing it up and selling it. The other day I found an oak round pedestal dining room table with four chairs (all so cute) and I got it for 30 dollars! It is in great condition minus a pea sized hole on the table that Gregg is going to fill. I sanded the table yesterday and I am going to paint it a cream color that we already have. All in all, I will spend no more on it than the 30 dollars I bought it for. I looked a little on and I can reasonably sell it for somewhere around $200. I also found out about a furniture auction that goes on in a town close to me every saturday at 9. Apparently you can get antique furniture for really cheap. One lady was raving about an antique wardrobe she bought for 10 pounds! That is like $15. Crazy! Anyways, I think Gregg and I are going to go in a couple of weeks after I finish the table. I think I finally have found a way to make money and still stay home with little Ava! What a blessing!

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  1. That's awesome! Way to be creative so you can have first things first. Love you - Dad