Thursday, September 9, 2010

Crooked Houses and Bits and Bobs

Gregg and I want to go and visit England's finest medieval town called Levenham. Apparently this village was created by Henry III around 750 years ago when he granted Lavenham market status.
This started a prosperous period in Lavenham's history. I want to go and see this unique village only a few hours from where we live. I am especially excited about the fact that a lot of houses and buildings there are crooked.

They have been that way for hundreds of years. I have researched the town a little bit and I like what I see as far as SHOPS go. Oh yeah! I am so there. Crooked buildings. Cute shops. Medieval village. Whats better than history and shopping? I think London should take note of this. They need to throw some shops in with all the history. Too much history is boring. I found one store called "Vintage Pink". This is the description: Vintage Pink says it all! A delightful collection of ladies fashions, accessories, jewellery, bags, bits and bobs. Who doesn't want "bits and bobs". I want one!!! Anyways, so I have never been to Levenham but I feel a bit of a kinship with this strange place. I will have to go. I will blog about this adventure soon I hope!

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