Sunday, March 14, 2010

Happy Mothers Day!???

Happy Mothers Day!!!! Wait...what? It's Mothers Day? No its MOTHERING DAY! OF offense British people who happen to be reading my blog but they had to go and change the name to something weird. Yes, Mothering Day is today! I didn't find this out until I saw it on a sign at a gas station this morning. My immediate thought was, "GREGG FORGOT MOTHERING DAY"! THEN I realized that it was new to me as well so how can I expect him to have known? After we found out it was indeed Mothering Day, I decided that since I am pretty much half British, I should have two Mothers Days! YAY! Gregg didn't agree and said that we should just celebrate the American holiday but after giving him THE LOOK, he agreed that I should get a Coach wallet, purse etc. on each day. Its great to be a mom in England!

The fact that I am half British reminded me of the time I was in a Spanish class in High school. The teacher asked the class if anyone was of a different/unique nationality. Naturally, since my mother was born on a U.S. Base in Cuba, I assumed that meant I was half Cuban. I very eagerly raised my hand and told my teacher that I was indeed half Cuban. She gave me a quizzical look and said, "Oh really?"

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