Friday, March 12, 2010


I would love to say that people stare at me because of my wonderful brilliant and ultra posh shoes or my lovely, elegant coat but NO. I am not kidding you, people stare at me everywhere I go with Ava. I have not had anyone in particular tell me this, but I gather its because I carry her car seat on my arm (like the picture of me going to Nantucket). Every girl carries their car seat like that! These people literally stop their conversations to stare at me. I feel like such a freak, a monster, an ogre in public. They are probably thinking, "Stupid, naive little American girl". Oh well, I will hold my head high in public and carry my massive car seat, representing America for all of you who can't be here!


  1. It might be what you say, but it might be something else. One time I was walking through a mall and everyone stared at me. I was thinking about how I had really turned a corner with my clothing style and general looks. I was like a celebrity. People were chatting to themselves while they stared at me. After I left the mall I saw my reflection in the door at Macy's - I had to take a look at myself. "What is that!" I wondered as I looked back to see a trail of toilet paper clinging to my foot. I ran to my car and never went to a mall again. And I never did.

  2. Hey, it’s a long time friend of yours. I want to tell you that you don't look like a freak or a monster, and definitely not an ogre, like Princess Fiona. You look like a beautiful woman that had a beautiful baby, like what every woman wants. If anything people look at you and Ava with jealousy. Just remember the greater the car seat the greater the safety, massive car seat means massive safely. thanx for representing. Love ya.
    P.S. I didn’t know you had this blog. It is so great that you have this for everyone to know what is going on and keeping them updated.

    Lynn Spitzack

  3. Lynn, I agree. Me personally, I want to see little babies. They are a marvelous work of God and a babies face is precious to see. You should get used to it. Why do you think movies show the parodies of guys "borrowing" babies to pick up girls? Ever seen that? Babies are a drawing magnetic.