Sunday, May 31, 2009

A little piece of heaven...

Do you remember yesterday when I was talking like crazy about the bland food they have here? Well I found a little piece of heaven in downtown Mildenhall. Its called the Dragon House ( Phone # 01638 712 087) and its wonderful! If you live anywhere around Mildenhall you probably know its amazing. Its a Chinese restaurant and probably the best one I have ever eaten at. It was so good that I called the restaurant and told them how pleased I was. I told Gregg that this will be the only place we ever eat when we go out. I got the sweet and sour chicken and it was amazing! It had onions, pineapple, green onions and peas in it, all smothered in the amazing sauce it comes in. It was about 19 pounds for us both to eat. We wont be able to eat here every day but we have enough left overs to have it for at least another meal. I really have not mentioned before that I am pregnant because I am sure most of you already know but the food was so good that I literally felt the baby leap in my womb. I am not joking. I use that example to tell you that if you are anywhere near Mildenhall, go to this wonderful place. We went out to eat with a couple from church to the BX on base which has a food court in it. We had burger king which is really funny because they don't have that off base here at all. Its kind of nice to have somewhere that is kind of like a mini America when you get home sick. Gregg and I were talking the other day and our mouths were salivating at the thought of Ted's Mexican Restaurant in Edmond, OK. Also, we are going to take the first chance we can to eat at Earl's Barbecue when we make a trip back to Oklahoma. I had the thought of asking if it was possible to get chips and queso from Ted's by mail but I don't think that's possible. If anyone has any ideas on how I could execute that plan, let me know. I think that I will just eat candy and Chinese food while I am here. Anyways, enough about food. We were talking with the couple we ate with earlier and are thinking of starting a weekly Bible study at our house. We would use this as a way to invite people from each of our work places to study the Bible. We are wanting to study with our neighbors and hoping to invite them to the study as well. We want to be tools for God while we are here because this is definitely a mission field. The church here is small but it is doing well and is remaining faithful. Gregg said he thinks of this as our government paid mission trip. Well I am going to head out for now but I will be back tomorrow. I meant to do a blog post on the wonderful candy today but for some reason the picture I took got lost or was not saved. I will have to take another one and post tomorrow. Cheers!
P.S. Cheers is used to say goodbye and I think hello sometimes. I think its a basic greeting. I am just soaking up the English culture. Cant you tell?!


  1. God bless you both for having spiritual eyes to see how you can be used wherever you are. I miss you so much it hurts but knowing God is using you over there is comfort to me.I love you both.

  2. Hey there Heidi - Britton and I (Kerstin) hope that Gregg, you, and the baby are doing well. God Bless you while you do His work there in England. Cheers for now - Kerstin

  3. That's great Heidi - I'm sure that regular studies would be very encouraging to those you come across - I'm sure the church appreciates having you there too! Also, it must be a combination of pregnancy and you getting braver, because a few years ago I would never believe that you would eat anything other than chicken strips! Ha!

  4. Lovely! Glorious! Brilliant! Smashing! 'Ello, Cheerio.

    Try some Bangers n Mash, Sherperd's Pie, and Fish n Chips with malt vinegar on your chips. Lovely, glorious, brilliant food.

    Anyway, cheers mate!

  5. Oh, and I'm not sure how it is near Mildenahll but London has some really great Indian food. It stems from when India was part of the Empire which I think is a touchy subject with the Indians. Chicken Tikka Masala is a good one.

  6. Hi! I follow your sister's blogs (the Grace Violet blog, and also Autumn's- and I 'know' Autumn from Etsy) and I just wanted to let you know that we lived in England for 3 years with the Air Force. We were stationed at Lakenheath and our middle child was born there. Dragon House was one of our favorite places, too!!
    There's no more Burger King off base? There used to be one at the 5 ways! That was the first place we ate when we moved there. Sad it's not there anymore.

    Please don't hestiate to email me (you can get my email from my blog)! It's been about 3 years since we've been there, but I can try to help as much as I can :)