Saturday, May 30, 2009

A couple pics of my new house...

I love the kitchen but I think its so funny that the washer/dryer is in the kitchen!

This is the view from the living room looking towards the entry area.

This is a picture of the partial bath downstairs (and those tiles look blue but they are brown)

These are just a few pics so you can see the inside of our house! Hope you like it!


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  2. Kerstin is here visiting and we're looking at the pics of the house and it's tooo cute!!! We need to skype sometime!

  3. It looks beautiful. I'm so thankful you found a nice ,cute and comfortable place that you can easily make homey.

  4. Very nice, but is that an ordinary lampshade in the hall ceiling? Ha! That's whimsical.

  5. Hi Heidi. Lucky for me, you commented on my blog, and it brought me here. What a great adventure to move to England for four years! I can't wait to follow your new experiences--including what you do to this adorable new house! Show us some more once you move in! I'm already intrigued by the differences--namely, the dryer in the kitchen :) It's a beautiful home!