Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Boring Rubbish

Hello! The last couple of days have been pretty non eventful so I have not had anything to write about...and really I still don't have anything to write but I wanted to say hello anyway. Yesterday we were in a briefing ALL DAY long and then last night we had Bible study at church. They do Bible study on Tuesday nights here and we studied the book of Revelation. I have studied Revelation before in one of my Bible classes at church back home but I am pretty sure I left there more confused than when I came. Gregg and I decided that we are going to study Revelation on our own before next week so we know whats going on. Also, yesterday was Gregg's birthday and we had to be in a stupid briefing so we couldn't do anything for his birthday. He was really good about it though and we decided we would go to Bury St. Edmunds this weekend and look around the town as well as get something to eat (and get some new blog material to write about). OH AND GOOD NEWS...we get a rental car because the government is going to pay for it! YAY! I really didn't want to get one because I heard that they will try and charge you for every little nick and scratch...even if it was there before. It will be nice to have a car finally. We walk everywhere now and I think I have lost weight since we got here because I do nothing but walk.
Today Gregg had to go to work for a little while and I am going to go and get a job! I never thought a job would be so exciting but when you are bored out of your mind, anything is fun. Also, I cant really complain because I want to get a job at the Child Development Center which is exactly the kind of place I like to work at. Anyways, I know this is all boring rubbish (I am already picking up on their English words) but I thought you might like to know what we have been up to. I will have something more interesting to write about later this week. TA TA!


  1. Happy Birthday to Gregg! And now I must figure out a way to incorporate the phrase "boring rubbish" into today's conversation...

  2. Hi Heidily Ho,
    I wonder if the briefing was filled with boring rubbish to Gregg. The school tried faxing the transcript to you, but it wasn't going through. Love you guys.
    Oh, there is a question if the persecution in Revelation was under Domitian or Nero. Most agree that the persecution was under Domitian, early to mid nineties A.D. Nero persecution was more limited to city of Rome and not empire wide. FYI