Sunday, May 24, 2009

Fun day!

Today we visited the Mildenhall Church of Christ for the first time and absolutely loved it. We knew the church was sound before we came but the people were so kind and friendly. I met a girl my age whose husband is also in the air force and I foresee us being good friends. After church, the preacher took us to Ely, which is a city about 15 minutes from Mildenhall. This was a great little city to visit and definitely not a bad place to look around if you are ever in the area. Apparently the rule here is that the deciding factor of whether or not an area is a town or a city all depends on if there is a cathedral in the town. Since there is a cathedral in Ely it is considered a city...I thought that was funny because Ely is pretty small. So we looked around here for a while and I saw several Adorable coffee shops and tea houses! I will not post anything about them yet until I get a chance to make it back and try each of them. I loved walking down the brick streets in Ely and also in New Market which is another town we visited nearby. England is definitely growing on me since I saw all of the adorable things they have here...not to mention the really cool cathedral! Also, we are going to rent a car sometime this week and the preacher is going to give us driving lessons. We were told to rent from a place called Reliable Rentals. Apparently they are really cheap and easy to rent from so if you are a tourist coming to the area, look for cars that say "Reliable Rentals" on the front windshield. Oh and we went and looked at the housing on the Lakenheath AFB which is near the Mildenhall base and we found adorable housing there that I have fallen in love with. I must live there. I don't have much else to say for today but once I get pictures of the housing on Lakenheath I will post them. Also, we have heard that you can take day trips by bus to London (without the hassle of driving yourself) so we will be visiting London soon. We also heard that Wales is a good close place to visit on a weekend so we are thinking we might go there within the next month or so. Keep watching for updates and I will talk to ya'll soon:)

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  1. Hi,
    I am glad the church is sound and friendly. Just like it should be. Tell us more.
    Love, Dad