Wednesday, May 27, 2009


(You can tell I am not a dramatic person)

Well I just got back from the scariest and most dangerous drive of my entire life! We went and rented a car, and in doing so we signed a death certificate (not being dramatic at all). Gregg did okay for the most part until he decided to take the road that said we were going to London instead of to Mildenhall. I was crying and in a panic because I absolutely hate the road to London! Its the scariest road of my life. Anyways, he also forgot a couple of times that we should be on the left side of the road. I am glad that he gets to practice on a rental before my car comes over. I think that I will never drive over here. This was the freakiest day of my life and I am so glad to be alive after our scary and confusing drive. Pray for us both because we have a rental now! I have to go now! Bye! Talk to you later...maybe.


  1. I'm loving the stories. Keep them coming.
    - Dad

  2. FYI. Go into the post and right before the "(You can tell....", type the following without the quotations marks: "
    That will make the text begin in a new line, it's a "line break". It will look neater. I will watch to see if you do it.

  3. Oops, the html wasn't accepted. Let me do it again. This time type < b r > just before the text I said earlier. But there is a space between the four characters. Remove the spaces.

  4. lol! Tavaro was saying that when you messup in England and get your leftsideoftheroad legs you can visit us in the Bahamas and drive!

    Oh... Earlier I said we have the same KIND of money as England and we do but its in our own currency of course. It is just REALLY colourful like theirs since we used to be a British colony for such a long time before becoming independent in 1973.

    Drive safely in small neighbourhoods and you'll get the hang of it.