Saturday, May 30, 2009

Our day in Mildenhall and Bury St. Edmunds

Hi there! We had a busy day today starting first with the meeting with our landlord. We are moving in Wednesday and I cant wait! After our meeting, we went and ate at a cute little place called Emily's Tea Room in downtown Mildenhall. Here are a couple of pictures of the place as well as our food. I would come back here again because it was really nice and elegant but I would tell them to make the eggs a little more well done (they were runny). Also, we heard before we came that we should order a soft drink called Dandelion and Burdock, so of course Gregg had to try it. Well, after trying it myself I would say that if you like the taste of NyQuil, order it. I almost spit it across the table and Gregg looked like he was drinking medicine the whole time. Apparently its a popular drink, but I am warning you not to drink it. This tea house was reasonably priced for England, letting us get out of there for around 20 pounds. I would recommend it. After we left here, we went to Bury St. Edmunds which is about thirty minutes away. Its a really nice town and is definitely worth traveling to. We got there and immediately saw the market where they sell fresh fruits and vegetables as well as clothing and random things. The downtown area is really nice and big. There is so much to do downtown Bury. They also have a really big new shopping center in downtown Bury. I liked it and we will definitely be making a trip back. Here are some pictures we took in downtown Bury. Oh and the picture of the green, red and yellow peppers in the market was taken because that has been my craving lately. I love anything with peppers and I love them plain. It might be weird but they are so good!

So after we left Bury, we went back to Mildenhall and decided to try this place called Crumb's Cafe in downtown Mildenhall. I would tell you where to find it but I don't think you want to find it. I am starting to figure out that people here don't like things that taste good. There is absolutely no flavor in the food here. Also, I got a salad with my meal and asked the waiter for salad dressing. He looked at me confused and brought be mayo. I said, "oh no no, I would like SALAD DRESSING LIKE ranch". After another confused look, he brought me a bottle that said salad dressing but it tasted like mayo. SOOO...MY POINT IS you need to carry a bottle of ranch in your purse. We left there with a feeling of being full but not being content or satisfied. I had a really bland taste on my tongue and I almost threw up. I cant wait to start cooking in my new house. I love American food. I guess you don't realize what you have until its millions of miles away. I love England and the people here and the scenery but no offense, I hate the food. I am pretty sure you get my point. If you want to lose weight, come here. The other day someone was freaking out about a Chili's in Cambridge and how it was so good. I didn't get it until now. I am craving American food so enjoy what you have if you are in the U.S and if not, I am sorry and I am feeling you pain. BUT there is a really good thing about England I must share with you. THE CANDY IS AMAZING!!!!! NOT EVEN JOKING. I am planning a blog post just about the candy. I love it. I think I will only eat candy and see how that works out for But I must go. Look for a candy post tomorrow and get excited because there is some really CUTE candy too! I will talk to you later! Thanks for reading. It makes me feel connected and heard. Bye!

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  1. I want the Hippo candy! Give me some candy.