Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Smarty Pants!

Ava surprised me today. Okay, first I have to start by telling you that yesterday Gregg taught her the Biblical account of the tower of Babel. To make a long story short (Which I stink at), he used our coffee table as the base for the tower and piled pillows on top of it. He started by banging on the coffee table like he was hammering. Ava of course joined in and had tons of fun with it. A couple of times when he was telling her about the account, he told her it was found in Genesis 11. This morning I asked Ava what we learned about in Genesis chapter 11 and she immediately went to the coffee table and started hammering. I was so extremely proud of her! I know every parent thinks their child is the greatest but I thought that was pretty smart:) It just shows you that your young child is listening to what you say!

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