Saturday, April 16, 2011


Oh, where do I start with Ava? She is talking so much. She is able to copy most everything we tell her to say. The other day I told her to say "Paci" and she sat there for a second before saying, "pa pa pa pa papi". ALMOST! Haha! The other day we were at some friends of ours house and I was holding Ava while we were looking at and petting their dog. I was telling the dog to sit. Ava decided to trying telling him to sit. The "s" sound she made sounds more like the "sh" sound. Not good. She now will randomly say, "sit" in her own special little way. I am quite embarrassed when we are grocery shopping and I tell her to sit down. She immediately copies what I said and I have every parent in the grocery store looking at me as if I am teaching swear words to my child. She also has been saying "He" lately which sounds like "help" without the "lp" sound. She says it when her pants are falling down, when her stroller is stuck and she needs me to turn it around and she even asks for help in doing something I just told her not to do. Ava is also my little helper. If I give her a paper towel or a wipe, she immediately starts scrubbing the floor. Good girl! I have taught her right. She loves to clean up because one of her favorite things to do is to take things out of a basket and put them all back in. I tell her to clean up and she does but then she starts disassembling all of our hard work. She also loves when I read her books. She brings me a book when i am sitting on the floor, say," boo" and backs into my lap while handing me the book. As I write this post, she is sitting on the floor flipping through one of my magazines. Ava, how old are you? She will look through several of them. When she is done with one, she goes to my magazine holder and gets another. She looks for all of the food and animals. To the food, she says, "num num". Anyways, I just got lost writing but now that I have finished my novel about Ava, here are some pictures!
This is a picture taken yesterday while Ava lounged on the couch.

Ava has been interested in keys lately. She finds every little hole or crevice she can, and sticks the key in trying to unlock it. She can spend all day doing this, and it doesn't get boring. As you can see, she takes it very seriously.

After I finish doing dishes, Ava wants to put my gloves on and hold the sponge. She says "thank you" until I hand her my gloves and the sponge.

Ewe! This is one of Ava's favorite new things to say. Gregg takes her on walks after he gets home from work and he taught her to say that when she sees trash on the ground. She also has learned to say it when she sees a thread on the ground or when one of her toys has a rip in it. When I gave her my sponge, she squeezed bubbles out of it. She picked some of the bubbles up and stuffed them into her mouth. She made a face and then said, EWE".

That's all for now!

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