Thursday, March 11, 2010

To Nantucket I go...

Hello! I went to Newmarket (my mom calls it Nantucket) today with Ava. It was a mommy and baby day out.

We went to the mall (if you could even call it a mall)

and got some coffee from the Costa coffee located inside.

I also got a wonderful little caramel shortbread thingy.

It was fun to get out and do something. Ava slept the whole time and I read my book as I sipped at my wonderful mocha. I didn't stay in Newmarket after leaving Costa Coffee. I would have liked to have gone to TK Maxx but I knew Ava would be waking up soon, wanting to eat. Instead I came home and am going to get dinner ready before Gregg gets home. Well I will update you soon on what we're up to. Bye!


  1. I like shortbread thingys. And I am reminiscing going there with you.All the people stared as I took a picture of just our coffees.Those were the days.

  2. Those were the days....COME BACK!!!