Thursday, March 11, 2010

They are so cute...perfectly harmless!

I will not do it this time. I repeat this to myself as I enter SuperDrug, a drug store that reminds me a lot of CVS or Walgreen's back home. I enter the store with these sweet little bunnies in mind. I know that they are most likely somewhere in the store but they are not what I came for and I will not and cannot buy any of them. They are addicting and once you start eating them, you cannot stop. They are too cute to stop. As I take my purchases up to the counter, I am proud of myself for not looking for or buying any of these wonderful little morsels of joy. I have real willpower I think, rather proud of myself at this point. As I near the counter, I take my wallet out, take out the necessary funds and hand the cashier my purchases. She asks me, "Is this everything"? I start to reply, "Yes this is every...". I suddenly stop short. Right beside me, within arms length are those chocolately wonderful bunnies of happiness. In a matter of seconds, I see my hands joyously plucking every last one of them off the shelf. I lose all willpower and justify to myself, "I am only planning for the future". Okay so you may be thinking, what the big deal? So you like the chocolate and you buy multiple at one time so that you can have them at home for Friday night snacks or what have you. WRONG. I tell myself every time I buy them that I am only stocking up for the future...but I have found that it is usually all for the very immediate future. Basically, they don't last long. Oh well...I guess I did work out extra long at the gym this morning, probably subconsciously planning for my little accident.

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