Sunday, March 7, 2010

Book of Funny Stories

When I was a little child I was a little...umm bad. I say "a little" because I am ever so sure that my parents are exagerating my terribleness. Anyways, they have this book where they recorded all of the funny, crazy or bad things that all of their children did. Needless to say, they should just go ahead and write "Heidi" on the front because its all about ME. It may say something about one of my other siblings but the sentence is sure to follow with, "We dont know how but Heidi must have been involved". I am kidding.

So I decided after remembering my parents' book that I too should have a book about Ava and the other children we have in the future Lord willing. I know that since my little girl will be NOTHING like me, I wont ever have to write anything but good things in it. The picture below is the journal I decided to use for just this purpose. I love it! Isnt it very Englandy? I think it looks as if it used to be the queen's book or something. Actually it is. She gave it to me....

Seriously. Anyways, I will keep all of you posted with pictures of my adventures as well as with pictures of our sweet little ANGEL...(EMPHASIS ON ANGEL). When she gets older I am sure we will have good and funny stories to tell of the things she is doing. The only thing funny that she does now is go potty on my bedspread. She did that 3 times last week. I had to wash 3 huge bedspreads. It was really funny. Anyways, I will keep you posted!

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  1. Haha, Ava is a little rascal! I just know she means to make work for you. Looking forward to the stories. - Dad