Saturday, October 3, 2009

We offer you our protection...

OKay so...this weekend started nicely with finding out Friday afternoon that Gregg's Jeep was broken into. He had off Friday so he didn't know until he tried to come and meet me for lunch and his car wouldn't start. Unless the person did it in broad daylight, it must have happened the night before when we were sleeping. They broke in, stole a bunch of military stuff and tried to start the car with a screwdriver. When they had completely messed up the ignition thingy, they broke all the plastic surrounding the steering wheel trying to get to the wires. Something must have startled them because they didn't cut any wires. Anyways, so once we found out, we immediately did what most people would do and called the police. Well we are in England and since they don't do anything very quickly around here, we waited like 4 or 5 hours to have someone finally make it to our house. We imagined their conversation went a little bit like this...
(After we call and tell them our situation)
Bob: Uhhhhhh....we are not really sure how to handle this here sitchyation...uhhhhh.... (scratching his head and reaching for a donut)....Fred what do we do?
Fred: I don't know Bob. Tell them we are busy and to call back later
Bob: We are busy dealing with cop stuff so we will be out there in 5 years after we handle all the things we have to handle right now...uhhh...
Fred: Bob do you want your chocolate glazed donut with sprinkles on it?

So we just figured they had better, more important things to handle. At first we were told they might not even make it out that day. Ohh oh and the best part about them coming out is that we had a FORENSIC guy show up to dust the inside and outside of the Jeep for fingerprints! I thought this was hilarious! Then it gets even better. So after the Forensic guy leaves, the police call us to get details for the police report. After they have taken all of our information they asked us if we wanted protection! I am not really sure what this protection would have entailed because my husband turned it down! We could have had a personal body guard or something cool like that. I tried to call them back and tell them that we did actually want protection but Gregg wouldn't let me. We will probably never be offered police protection again in our lives and he turned it down! My mom and I were practically rolling on the floor laughing about this whole idea of being offered protection. I guess I will just have to remain my normal, unprotected self since Gregg turned it down. Anyways, I will let you know if anything else eventful happens. Bye!

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