Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Swine Flu Vaccine...

Hello:) I normally write about things I see and places I visit over here but my dad sent me this video and I had to share it with you all as well. Apparently there was a group of children in Oklahoma who were used as guinea pigs for the testing of the swine flu vaccine when doctors themselves are refusing to take it and telling their families not to take it either. The way it is looking, we may be forced to take it. The government officials are wanting to begin a forced immunization of the swine flu vaccine where as the medical community is saying that the public needs to be warned of its side effects and allowed to make that decision on their own. Once again the government is telling us that they know best. I am a reasonable person and I think I can make a deal with the government. I will get the immunization if I can go right after the Obama family. Deal? The link above will take you to the YouTube video.

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  1. Hi you two,
    I know the flu us bad to get, but the flu is always bad to get. We did have a I think a 6 yr old in our town die from the Swine Flu and mom thinks there were other factors like asthma involved. So other conditions add to the problem.
    Mom thinks the Tamilflu stuff is what really helped Chloe when she got the flu.