Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Someone stole my car.

We have been busy the last couple of days dealing with car stuff. Someone stole my car Saturday night and so Sunday morning we woke up to my car missing. Gregg must have dropped the keys when he came in Friday night. That was the last time we drove the car. I guess they found them Friday night and decided to wait until Saturday night to steal it. I am so thankful they didn't break into our house because my house key was on there as well. God was looking out for us. Now the locks are changed and better than ever. I am just so bummed because I loved my car. I treated it so good and it never had any problems. We will wait for the right car to come along and not get in a hurry. This whole ordeal has taught Gregg and I an important lesson. Protect your keys with your life. We are so careful now with our keys, so hopefully this will never happen again.

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  1. You should also be thankful that no one got hurt. I'm glad everything went well after that. People should be careful with their stuff, even if they think the place is safe.

    Erwin Calverley