Thursday, January 6, 2011


OKay so Ava has learned how to say "no". I knew it would be coming soon. I took these pictures of her and her baby because she has been playing with it all morning long (Thanks Kristin for the doll:). She pulls it along with her everywhere.
She also has been telling the doll "no" all morning. She gets the baby right up close to her face and says,"no no no no no". She even used the doll to touch things that she is not supposed to touch and then told the doll no over and over. What a little rascal!

You would think from this that all she ever hears is "no" but you will notice that the last picture is of her giving the baby a kiss. She is so funny!


  1. I want to kiss my little Ava! Thanks for posting these. - Papa

  2. So cute! That baby reminds me of how much Chloe loved hers at that age. We had to replace it 3 or 4 times because of how much she "loved" it!