Wednesday, August 25, 2010


Ava is getting so much bigger and more mobile by the day. She stands up on everything and she tries to stand on her own. That doesn't work out so well. However, even after several falls, she keeps trying. I am seeing something in Ava that scares me a little bit. She is extremely persistent. While persistence can be a great trait, it can also be a very bad one. Anyone who knew me as a child or anyone who has heard stories of me as a child would understand why that particular trait frightens me. I told my mom I have a little me on my hands. Ave understands "no touch" and has recently been listening really well when she hears it. However, there are times when she goes back at whatever we told her not to touch...OVER AND OVER AGAIN. I also have a story of a terrible disaster that happened just a few days ago.
BLUE OIL BASED PAINT + new parent (stupid and leaves things open) + Ava crawling= DISASTER
Okay, so we painted our table like a Robin Egg blue (it turned out SO CUTE). SOOO we had a lot of blue paint to do this project with. I left the top off the paint when I went to pour some of it into a paint tray. Ava is very mobile. BAD COMBINATION. The next thing I hear is Ava's excited crawl. Most parents have most likely heard the noise their child makes when crawling towards something they are itching to get their hands on. Combine that sound with the gulp sound of paint tipping over. AN ENTIRE GALLON OF BLUE OIL BASED PAINT. Oh my goodness I had no idea what to do when I walked around the corner and saw Ava covered in paint and the carpet drinking more paint by the second. First I took Ava who thankfully was wearing long sleeves and long pants and took her clothes off of her. Then I scrubbed her hands, feet and the little smudge on her face. After doing this, I put her in her Bumbo beside me and got to work on the carpet. I scrubbed for a few hours...after pouring the only thing I thought might help at all on the carpet. Paint thinner. I figured the carpet was ruined anyway so I might as well try. Well long story short, we got it ALL out of the carpet and Ava was fine. I think that was probably the scariest thing I have ever seen so far in my life. And she is only 7 months old. Well that's all I've got for now but I will be writing tomorrow because I am going to Cambridge to look around downtown and get lunch with some friends who also have little babies. It should be fun! I will post about that tomorrow!

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