Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Ava Crawling

Sorry it has taken so long! The last video I tried to upload was too big apparently and I kid you not it took like 6 hours to upload so I finally just decided to take another one. Here is a video I took this morning. Ava is also standing up on everything! She is nuts. The other day she stood up using the chair and then she let go! She fell of course but I have a feeling it wont be long before I post a video of her walking.


  1. She is adorable - getting so big!

    p.s. Did Gregg ever get his ring? I sent it with insurance quite a while ago.

  2. Hey! Yes we just got it about a week ago. I completely forgot to call or email. Thank you so much for sending it! He was wearing his old one until we got it. Sorry I didnt let you know we got it!

  3. So cute!!! You are in trouble now... I am loving these days where Piper just lays and can't go anywhere! It happens way too fast:(