Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Play Date/Shopping Trip in Bury

Today I went to Bury with a friend of mine and her little baby girl. Her baby is 4 months old so Ava and Alexia had a play date today. We called it a play date before we left but it turned into a shopping trip. What can you do? We ate at a place called "The Grapes" and it was really good! My friend had been there before and I decided to trust her judgement. I cant complain. I got a really great burger and some awesome fries. She has one of those really good cameras so she took tons of pictures and once she send them to me I will post them. We went to Abbey Gardens which was absolutely beautiful. You are not supposed to walk on the grass in the gardens but I wanted pictures of Ava by the flowers so we quickly set her down and snapped a few before I quickly snatched her up again. No one seemed to mind though. Everyone stopped to watch. It was also a gorgeous day! We couldn't have gone on a better day. It was a lot of fun. One of my favorite stores over here is Monsoon. They have a store that is connected to them called Accessorize and they have AMAZING accessories. Monsoon has the cutest and most expensive baby clothes in the whole world but if you catch a we did get great deals! Here are a few of the things I picked up.

Some shoes for Ava...

And a necklace for me!


  1. I want that. ( said in a slight whisper) Adorable shirt, shoes and oh my gosh that necklace.Glad you had fun with a friend. You need play dates too.

  2. The next time you go - call me up! I'd love to join you!

  3. Oh yes I had a lot of fun...and we definitely had our own play date! Oh and that necklace I have had my eye on since my mom was here visiting and I got it for 7 DOLLARS:) Bargain! It is a really nicely made necklace but I waited and got it super on sale. Oh and Kristin I thought about calling you but I figured you might be busy. I will call next time!