Monday, May 17, 2010

Ava Loves Her Bouncy Seat

Ava loves her bouncy seat...even if its just because it gets her that much closer to her feet.

She cant seem to bring them all the way to her mouth and it makes her so mad!

I have kept up with her tummy time every day and she is now liking it more and more. She doesn't cry at all anymore and eventually after kicking and moving her arms, she gets tired and falls asleep.

She is also almost sleeping through the night. She wakes up at about 5 in the morning just to eat and then falls back asleep. I then wake up at eight and she is still asleep. Its great!

What can I say? I have a good baby! She is so sweet and cuddly too.

We cant imagine life without her! Thank God for these sweet little ones:)

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