Thursday, April 8, 2010

Yummy Snack!

Hello! I have mentioned before that Gregg and I are trying to eat healthy and we are also watching how many calories we eat. Well, this is going to be my afternoon snack!

It's delicious and its only 36 calories! I usually keep my meals to right around 300 calories and then I eat little snacks like this throughout the day. I have already prepared my afternoon snack because I, like most of you, when I am hungry will go into the kitchen and eat something that I immediately regret eating. I avoid this by having healthy snacks prepared in advance. I also will probably add 15 calories of sugar( 1 tsp), making it a little sweeter. That makes the whole snack 51 calories! Not bad:) Doesn't this picture make you want to go out and buy fruit?! We will be buying more tomorrow at the market in Mildenhall. I will post pictures! Bye for now:)

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