Wednesday, April 7, 2010

She is edible and utterly delectable!

Here are some recent pictures of Ava. When I am doing dishes, I set her up on the counter like this so that she can be right by me. She loves it! When she is on the counter, I never go away from the counter but I couldn't help snapping this picture really quickly!

Here are a few more of her earlier today.

Well that all for today! Gregg, Ava and I are going to go bowling tonight so I will be sure to post pictures later! On Wednesday nights you can bowl for $1.25 a game so we are going to go and bowl for super cheap:) Maybe a coffee from the coffee shop will be in order...

P.S. For all of you that are wondering, Bible class here is not on Wednesday night. We have Bible class Tuesday night instead. FYI.


  1. Oh my goodness , I love, love ,love her in that seat. You are such a good mama.

  2. Yes, I could definitely take a bite out of her:) So cute!!