Saturday, April 10, 2010

The Market

Hello! Friday morning Gregg, Ava and I walked to downtown Mildenhall to go to the market that goes on every Friday. It could not have been a prettier day! I actually wore a tank top and a cover up but got too hot with the cover up on. It was wonderful!

The fruit stand looked amazing! We ended up getting 10 pounds of fruit which is about 15 dollars.

We went a little crazy because it all looked so good and so fresh. We will eat every bit of it though because we eat so much fruit. I had some of the pears we bought today and they are the best, most juicy pears I have ever eaten. Yum:) There wasn't a whole lot down there that we were interested in besides the fruit. One of the tents had candy and snacks in it but since that is bad and will make me fat, I didn't stay long in that tent.

I took a picture of a really funny cookie thing they have over here. They are called Hobnobs and they are really good.

From the wrapper, I learned they are a "Nobbly Biscuit". Lol, whatever THAT means! Anyways, we had a lot of fun and we got some really good fruit! Gregg has off this coming Friday as well so we will be able to go again:)

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