Monday, April 5, 2010

Family Day

Hello everyone! I pretty much always write about Ava as well as post picture of the little munchkin but I wanted to write about our family day that is coming up this Friday. Gregg gets off every once in a while for a "family day". This is something the military gives him as a little extra bonus, a day he can spend with family. Well we are going to do just that! In Mildenhall there is a market where they sell goods as well as food and fruits and vegetables every Friday. Since we are eating a lot of fruit, we are going to go and buy fresh fruit and then have our usual Friday night date, only it will be in the morning...a Friday morning date! We are going to eat at Emily's Tea Room. We have eaten there before and it was really good...only this time I will tell them HOW I like my eggs because I know they like to make them runny. I am excited for our day at the market so I will post pictures Friday and let you all know how it went! I cant wait for all that fresh fruit!

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