Saturday, March 27, 2010

Recent pictures of the little one...

Hello! Ava is doing really well. She is such a sweet baby. She is constantly smiling but has not really laughed yet...not when she is awake at least!

She laughs when she is sleeping lol! Also, I am beginning to be sure that she wont be a thumb sucker.

She loves her pacifier and although she puts her hands in her mouth, she doesn't just put her thumb in her mouth. Today I was drinking coffee and I was watching her as she was intently staring at my mouth and at the coffee cup.

She started to lick the air and then she started smacking her lips together and staring at my coffee. I thought it was funny so I started smacking my lips together as well. When I did this, she started smacking more emphatically and shoved her hand in her mouth.

Less than a minute later, the just fed Ava was crying hysterically to be fed. I can understand exactly how she felt. You know the feeling too.

Have you ever seen a commercial for a really yummy looking burger or desert and rushed out to buy it a minute later? I have!

Here are some pictures that were taken in the last couple of days. She is such a little cutie!


  1. These are my favorite pictures so far! I love the heart onesie!

  2. Thanks! Lynn actually sent it for her. I love it too!

  3. Awww she is three adorable! I know what you mean about her watching your mouth. I think that's what fascinates little Genesis the most... watching us eat. Is Ava on breast milk alone? She looks quite healthy!