Friday, March 19, 2010

It's hard being a baby!

Hello! Here are some pictures of Ava having tummy time. I know that she needs to have time on her tummy every day but its so hard to do. She cries the whole time and she looks just pitiful!

The pediatrician told me to try putting a rolled up blanket under her arms so she isn't having to fight to keep her face out of the blanket so much of the time. I tried that and she seems to do a little better. She still hates it though.

She also has a runny nose right now so you can hear her sniffling while she cries. She got a little cold but she is recovering from it now and she is doing well. Poor little girl!

P.S. Thanks Jason and Jenifer for the cute outfit!


  1. Hi Heidi,
    Ava is getting so big, and she is just adorable!! I wanted to pass along another idea for tummy time...we used the Boppy pillow. We just propped the baby up with her arms hanging over the front (of course they still didn't like it so much, but it seemed a little better:))
    Hope you all are doing well!!

  2. Ah, Ava it's going to be OK! Please don't cry so much. - Papa

  3. Oh - we hated tummy time too! But it gets easier, and Lindsay's idea is a good one. We used the Boppy with Chloe and it helped.

  4. Thank for the suggestions guys! I tried it and she liked it a whole lot better. She still cried but it wasnt for as long.

  5. Poor poor Ava,
    Put her on the boppy and put a bright toy,a mirror or something she likes looking at on the floor in front of her.Part of her hate of this position is that she can't see you. :)

  6. We put Genesis on a few pillows that are tilted to help her! She hates tummy time too though!

  7. Oh what a sweetie! How is she doing? She is adorable!