Friday, February 19, 2010

Who needs directions?

I love Walmart. The thought that something over here might be comparable to my most prized dwelling place in the states made excitement bubble up inside of me. My mom and dad were here to see us a few weeks ago and so my mom and I decided to go on an adventure to the store called Asda that is apparently owned by Walmart. We didn't know how to get there...we didn't know how to get back...and we didn't care. We figured we would try and make it there but neither of us thought we would actually arrive at all or arrive without getting terribly lost first. We are not direction capable people. Anyways, we ended up actually getting there! It was actually quite by accident but who cares the reason right? I mean we got there! I looked at directions before we left and stored them in my head...or so I thought but I didn't really feel like looking up directions to get back. I just wanted to get there.

I was not concerned at the moment with getting home. We would worry about that minor detail later! Well as we were finishing up our shopping, my lovely mother was frolicking through the aisles joyfully picking up every chocolate bar she could find...namely Crunchies( her favorite) and I was talking to my husband and my dad on the phone. They were wondering if we knew how to get home. Uh oh...I knew this minor detail would come back to haunt me. I didn't want to tell them we had no clue because I feared they would be a little worried and upset so I said, "Oh don't worry about us. We will get home". My dad pushed for more information, asking how I was going to get home. I told him I wasn't quite sure at the moment but that I would figure it out once I was driving. It wasn't important to think about now. He insisted on coming to us to lead us home but after reassuring him we would be fine, he said that I needed to call him when I got ready to leave so he could direct us.

Once we had checked out and got to our car I called him. I was trying to understand what he was saying but my mom was yelling something in the background about a really whirly cart and a really wonderful candy bar so it was hard to pay attention. I look to my left while my dad is giving me directions home and I see my mom spinning a shopping cart in a circle. I am laughing so hard at this point that I cant even hear my dad anymore so of course his directions are not even being heard. After I finish laughing and my mom gets into the car, I turn my attention back to my dad who is already almost done giving directions and I hear my mom in the seat next to mine going nuts over a candy bar she just tried and insisting that I try it too. All the while my dad is asking me if I understand his directions and I am trying to get out of a parking lot that is the size of a pea.

I was afraid of what my dad would say if I told him I had no clue what he just told me so I told him we would be fine getting home. I tried my hardest to rack my brain for any remembrance of the directions but it was no use. I hadn't heard a single word. Dang it! I figured I would just start driving and see what happened. It worked at first because I remembered the first few things I needed to do but then I started to feel afraid because I couldn't remember how to get home. I told my dad we would call him later and that we would be fine and I got off the phone. My mom and I had no clue. After several wrong turns and a couple of lucky turns, we made it home! Yay! It was definitely a miracle. Would you believe that the next time we went somewhere alone, dad and Gregg were waiting to lead us there? They have no faith in us!


  1. Yes that was an adventurous day for us,but do you remember just how whirly that cart was?I have never had a cart turn on a dime like that one did. Also those candy bars take my breath away. One cannot be made to think on directions and such when experiencing immeasurable chocolate pleasure.

  2. I agree. Last night I had a Crunchie.

  3. Oh I had a crunchie last night too. Oh and you know what I remembered about our trip to Asda,we eventually found Nantucket.

  4. Like mother, like daughter. Now I know where Heidi gets it from. Do you know how worried we were that you were going to end up in Scotland or Wales? We would never have seen you again. Or one wrong turn and, bam, you are in the English Channel or the North Sea. Next time I recommend you put down the chocolate and listen to your dad.