Sunday, February 28, 2010

Traces of the Kingdom

We attend the Cambridge Church of Christ here in England. Our preacher, Keith Sisman has just written a book called "Traces of the Kingdom". He traces the Church of Christ prior to the Reformation and up to the period of the Restoration Movements in Great Britain and in America in the 19th century. He uses rare documents and books held in the British and Cambridge University Library and shows the existence of the Church of Christ in England for 1000 years. I cant wait to read it!


  1. Tell Keith I will buy 20 copies.

  2. I got you one already and I am sending it in the package I am sending mom. I will tell him

  3. Thanks. I appreciate his generosity, but I will pay him for it. I'm looking forward to hearing from him. I have created a Fan page on Facebook for the book. I'm encouraging people to take a look and get excited about it. This deserves wide publicity. Word of mouth is going to do it.